Weekly Wrap-Up | 100 From the AV Industry, AVPeople: Mark Coxon, Piece of the Pi and More

Another week has come and gone and it is finally Friday or Friyay and it is time for the Weekly Wrap-Up!

Every week we give you five or so top stories from the week that you can’t miss. This week’s wrap-up features the latest Crew Call column, 100 things about the AV industry, the the latest AV People and more!

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If You Build It, They Will Hack It

There’s a great quote from an article by John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems, about hacking into systems: “There are two types of companies: Those who have been hacked, and those who don’t yet know they have been hacked.” Read More >>>

Are You Up For a Piece of the Pi?

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer, developed by a company in the UK. The stated goal of the company is to provide an inexpensive option for kids all over the world to learn to code. Read More >>>

100 Things I’ve Learned About Our Industry

For my 100th blog post, I thought I would share 100 of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned from my mentors, advisers, business experts and industry leaders, as well as my own experiences over the past several years. Read More >>>

On the Other Hand

Last month, we talked about the idea that the big voice in marketing and product success is now the small voice, the collective voice, and largely as established by social media. Read More >>>

AV People: Mark Coxon, AVPhenom

A zoologist, an amateur fighter and an AV systems designer all walk into an InfoComm reception… No, that’s not the beginning of a joke, and it’s not three separate people — it’s our friend and blogger Mark Coxon, all rolled into one smart, dynamic person. Read More >>>