VuWall Adds VuStream 550 All-in-One SDVoE Encoder/Decoder Appliance

vuwall vustream 550

VuWall announces the release of its new VuStream 550 all-in-one SDVoE encoder/decoder appliance, designed for distributing 4K60 video and audio over standard 10Gb IP network switches with no latency. The VuStream 550 provides an “ultra-scalable, easy-to-deploy, highly reliable solution for incredible flexibility in system design and workflows.”

Fully SDVoE compatible, VuWall’s VuStream 550 all-in-one compact device can be configured as an encoder or decoder, allowing it to be used as a receiver or a transmitter, providing flexibility in system design and workflows. The VuStream 550 can be configured for copper or fiber cable infrastructures and features one HDMI output (that functions as local monitor output in Transmitter Mode). The unit can be powered directly when connected through a 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) switch that provides PoE (802.3at). It also features an SFP plug connection for fiber and offers bi-directional IR, RS-232, and Ethernet extension. In addition to two USB 2.0 ports, it supports a special Simultaneous Mode for USB extension, allowing a host connected to a single transceiver to connect to up to seven transceivers with USB devices connected.

All VuStream 550 appliances can be centrally configured and managed by VuWall’s TRx video wall management platform now featuring Multiview, USB routing, HDCP 2.2 support and 4K60 on SDVoE stitched video walls — ideal for high-performance, zero-latency applications on 10G networks.

All of the details are here: