Kordz Will Show Cabling Products at ISE 2023

kordz ise 2023

Kordz will showcase the technological progression and installation-friendliness of its extensive line of cabling at ISE 2023, Stand #2F450.

Since 2003, Kordz has purpose-built its line of high-performance cables specifically for the systems integration market. By employing a combination of premium materials and advanced manufacturing techniques in the construction of its cabling, Kordz’s innovative solutions help streamline installation and assure exceptional connectivity, reliability and performance throughout the life of a home or building. Robust yet flexible, Kordz cables feature smaller connectors without hard edges to facilitate faster, easier installation in a wide range of commercial and residential settings. Each cable and component is individually tested during production for quality assurance and meets stringent performance certifications and fire rating compliance. Thanks to the superior build quality, state-of-the-art features, and adherence to the latest standards, cabling from Kordz enables systems integrators to complete projects efficiently and confidently for optimal profitability.

“In a world of increasing convergence and technological complexity, ‘small things’ like the caliber of cabling make a big difference in the functionality of AV systems and the satisfaction of customers,” says James Chen, Kordz Managing Director. “We have properly engineered everything whilst maximizing flexibility and robustness and employing the industry’s most sensibly compact connectors for a firm, stable fit. These achievements empower systems integrators with a solid foundation on which to deploy and connect the sophisticated systems of today and tomorrow. Our 20th anniversary demonstrates our longevity and commitment to driving the systems integration industry forward with products that support this quickly evolving market.”

Key Differentiating Features of Kordz Cabling – Seemingly small enhancements make a big difference to a systems integrator’s bottom line:

  • Shark-nose dust caps featured on Kordz’s PRS4 HDMI cabling streamline installation and prevent cables from catching on sharp edges as it is fed through tight spaces.
  • Commercially rated connectors that are compact and stay plugged in prevent ‘plug and pray,’ even providing an audible “click” to confirm insertion; made with premium materials, they are designed to last the life of a home or building.
  • Performance certification from industry-leading organizations including HDMI Licensing, KNX, HDBaseT Alliance, UL and DPL Labs.
  • All products are application tested on the production line before packaging.
  • High contrast labeling and peelable barcodes simplify stock management of products.
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Offering systems integrators yet another premium cabling option, Kordz debuts at ISE 2023 an innovative Category 6 networking system. This new range of products includes all the necessary components integrators need to deploy a complete networking backbone designed and engineered to support the connectivity speed and bandwidth requirements of today’s advanced technologies and go in places that other Category cabling systems simply can’t reach.

Kordz will feature its new line of Category 6 networking products and other innovative cabling solutions at Stand #2F450 where visitors can partake in the company’s 20th birthday celebration. Systems integrators are invited to take ‘The Terminator’ cable termination challenge for their chance to win a variety of prizes. To learn more about Kordz’s premium professional-grade cabling, please visit www.kordz.com