VITEC Unveils MGW Pico TOUGH HD ISR Encoder

vitec-mgw-pico-1115VITEC today unveiled MGW Pico TOUGH — what the company is claiming as the world’s smallest dual-channel H.264 HD/SD encoder. Weighing less than a pound, the MGW Pico TOUGH is designed for manned and unmanned airborne platforms (aka drones), military vehicles and ground units. The MGW Pico TOUGH consumes less than seven watts of power for 1080p encoding with KLV/STANAG metadata.

MGW Pico TOUGH features simultaneous, low-latency streaming of two sources from HD-SDI and analog composite signals, JITC-compliant metadata processing AES encryption, forward error correction technology, real-time resolution scaling and image cropping. The credit-card-sized, rugged enclosure uses MIL-DTL-38999 connectors and is certified for extreme environmental conditions.

Details on the MGW Pico TOUGH are here.