New Visix Mobile Wayfinding App with Beacons and Geofencing

visix-wayfinding-0615Visix’s mobile wayfinding app provides responsive indoor navigation for smartphones. The app can be used as an extension of traditional kiosk-based wayfinding or as a stand-alone solution.

Each app is custom branded for the client organization and uses photography from the client’s own buildings. Picture-based guidance paired with simple directions moves employees, customers and visitors through the interior spaces quickly and easily.

The app communicates with proximity beacons strategically placed at directional milestones throughout your facility. As visitors walk through a building, beacons report their arrival at key areas, and the app provides turn-by-turn directions and other contextual content on their phone. The proximity beacons use low-energy Bluetooth to communicate with both iOS and Android devices. They can cover a range of up to 150 feet, are completely wireless, are easy to mount and run on AA batteries.

Our app also leverages a macro-location technology called geofencing that draws a perimeter around an outdoor building. Powered by a smartphone’s GPS, the app knows when the geofence is penetrated, and it then sends a push notification to that person’s phone.

Your visitors are welcomed upon their arrival at your building or campus with a pop-up notice on their smartphone, and just a tap of the screen provides access to instructions. Now you can greet people as they arrive at your building or campus and provide visual guidance from the parking lot to any space in your facility.

You can also deliver directories, event schedules, announcements and other dynamic content within the mobile app, providing another way for you to engage your audience with daily communications.

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More information on Visix’s wayfinding solutions are here.