Vantage Partners With Environmental Lights for End-to-End Solution, Offers Discount on Select Orders

Legrands Vantage Partners with Environmental LightsLegrand’s Building Control Systems (BCS) division announced that its Vantage brand has added a new Fixture Alliance partner, Environmental Lights. The alliance pairs Vantage’s customizable lighting controls with Environmental Lights’ REVI low-voltage LED lighting fixtures and power supplies to create end-to-end solutions.

Environmental Lights engineers its customers’ lighting visions into innovative solutions. With Vantage’s InFusion Controller, the solution enables control of the fixtures’ saturations, hues, intensities and color temperatures via standard DMX protocols. This allows for the rendering of natural light tones capable of tracking the sun’s light throughout the day. The Vantage keypad act as a controller or event timer.

Vantage and Environmental Lights have also introduced the 5 + Lighting Design Dealer Profit Promotion (DPP) as part of the alliance. Through the DPP, projects featuring both Vantage and Environmental Lights products will receive a 5% discount from Vantage at the time of order and a free lighting design when a project is registered. To qualify for the promotion, projects must be registered by dealers or their sales representatives here. The promotion runs through Dec. 31.