Vantage Controls Adds WAC Lighting as Collaborator for End-to-End HCL Systems

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — July 24, 2019 — To provide integrators with end-to-end, human-centric lighting (HCL) systems, Vantage Controls, a brand of Legrand | AV Residential Solutions, today announced a new collaboration with innovative LED luminaire and technology manufacturer WAC Lighting. Focused on luxury residential environments, the companies’ collaborative solutions combine advanced lighting control capabilities from Vantage with the Lumenetix® araya5 light engine built into WAC’s tunable, low-voltage LED lighting fixtures.

The Vantage controller is programmed to match the sunrise/sunset schedule shift throughout the year that best supports people’s natural circadian rhythm, based on the location of each installation. Scenic presets can override programming at any time through a simple button press to match users’ daily tasks — whether they’re studying or winding down. The Vantage platform is compatible with DMX or 0V to 10V protocols, providing intuitive single-button control of whichever technology is behind the LED source.

The partnership with WAC Lighting is the latest in Vantage’s push to foster relationships with leading lighting fixture manufacturers that utilize the Lumenetix araya5 light engine. These fixtures replicate natural daylight for optimization of aesthetics, comfort, wellness, and visual acuity. For integrators, the combined result is an end-to-end LED lighting solution that is easily installed and maintained, energy-efficient, and synchronized with the circadian clock all humans share.

“We’re proud to add WAC Lighting to our growing list of lighting fixture collaboration partners,” said Mark Moody, product manager at Vantage Controls. “By combining our advanced lighting control with the power of Lumenetix and WAC in convenient, easy-to-install systems, these partnerships make it simple for integrators to add HCL to their service offering and meet the growing demand for these systems in residential environments.”

According to Shelley Wald, president of WAC Lighting, “The team at Vantage has fulfilled its due diligence completing the testing of our low-voltage LED luminaires with their controls. Our Aether Color Changing line of recessed down lights performed seamlessly, while providing the user with complete control and tunability of beautiful lighting throughout the space.”