Vanco Intros EVEXUSB32 HDBaseT USB 3.2 & USB-C Extender for Up to 100 Meters

vanco international evexusb32

Vanco International announced the EVEXUSB32 HDBaseT USB 3.2 Extender, a USB-C host with an extension range of 328 feet (100m). The EVEXUSB32 leverages HDBaseT-USB3 chipsets to extend full USB 3.2 Gen 1×1 over a single Cat6/6A cable. It is backwards-compatible with all prior USB standards, and includes both USB-A and USB-C ports for new and legacy device support.

The EVEXUSB32 consists of two devices: the host and the receiver. Leveraging PoH, only one unit — the host or receiver — needs to be connected to external power. The host unit features a single USB-C port, while the receiver has three USB-A ports and one USB-C port. This configuration allows the simultaneous connection of up to four peripherals. The receiver unit also offers ample power delivery: the USB-C port and one USB-A port deliver up to 1.5A each, while the remaining two USB-A ports offer 1A each.

The EVEXUSB32 delivers up to 5 Gbps data throughout for USB data and control. In addition to USB signal extension, EVEXUSB32 features passthroughs for RS-232 controls and FSYNC (frame synchronization) for multi-camera videoconferencing or production setups.

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