Vanco International Intros Five New PulseAudio Products

vancoVanco International just announced five new products in the PulseAudio line that addresses both residential and commercial spaces. The lineup includes:

  • PulseAudio PAV1100 100-Watt Single-Channel Commercial Amplifier: Like the PAV140, the PAV1100 is a 100 Watt Class-D power amplifier that is marketed as a “plug and play solution” for any 70-volt/100-volt speaker application. It can identify up to 16 different ID codes to address multiple PAV1110 amplifiers in a system so each zone can be controlled individually. The three-level microphone input supports condenser, dynamic and wireless microphones and includes mic ducking functionality, EQ control and mic mixing. The PAV1100 features stereo inputs (a 3.5-millimeter jack or two RCA), one digital input in addition to the mic input, manual volume control, bass/treble controlled via front panel, IR remote and RS232. This amplifier is convection cooled so no external fan is needed, and an LED light indicates power and working status. The anti-static case design provides protection for long-term and stable performance.
  • PulseAudio PA-SS4V Two-Source, Four-Pair Stereo Speaker Selector with Volume Control: The PulseAudio PA-SS4V is a low-profile speaker selector that distributes high-level stereo signals from two sources in up to four zones. It also features an independent on/off switch for each zone of audio, easy selectable impedance-matching volume controls to protect amplifiers and equipment in each audio zone, spring-loaded speaker terminals that can accept up to 14-gauge speaker wire, and 12-step volume control settings. The PA-SSAV was developed in response to the lack of high-quality speaker selectors available to the market. It comes with rack mounting accessories and is rated up to 100W RMS per channel.
  • PulseAudio PA-ADS1 Audio Delay Device: The PulseAudio PA-ADS1 is a compact and discreet analog audio delay device with simple stereo RCA audio input and output to resolve “lip sync” issues in audio and video systems. Adjustable to up to 16 increments ranging from 20-340 milliseconds with the turn of a dial, the PA-ADS1 is the perfect solution for when audio is processed faster than digital video content on a television that doesn’t have audio delay already built in.
  • PulseAudio PASBR Universal Dual-Axis Speaker Mount: The PulseAudio PBSR is a heavy-duty universal wall/ceiling speaker mount that can hold speakers up to 15g/33 pounds. Its dual-axis mount with compression locking allows for 90-degree tilt while offering 360-degree rotation. The PASBR comes with a steel cable for additional safety and security for during and after installation.
  • PulseAudio PA-MICPRE Microphone Preamplifier: Since releasing its Beale Street Audio BAV4250 and BAV2500 1,000-watt amplifiers last year, Vanco has seen a tremendous growth in the commercial and pro audio market. Answering the request from our customers to offer a microphone pre-amp for these amps, our product development team created the PA-MICPRE microphone pre-amp. The PulseAudio PA-MICPRE features XLR and 1/4” inputs and outputs as well as a 1/4” output for mono or stereo applications. With a balanced/unbalanced input impedance 10,000 ohms and max level input level of +4dBv balanced and +10dBv unbalanced, the PA-MICPRE has manual gain control, clipping indicator, and 36V phantom power.