Tripleplay Launches Low Latency Encoder HD Wi-Fi System and Network Streaming App at ISE

tripleplay-encoder-1215Tripleplay says it will debut a new low-latency Tripleplay HD Encoder and a new Tripleplay Mobile Media App for off network video upload and streaming, as well as a Wi-Fi-enabled video streaming solution at ISE. Here is what we know so far:

  • Tripleplay HD Encoder: The new Tripleplay super low latency encoder will deliver 250ms video, glass to glass, be competitively priced and will be aimed at the sports industry in particular.
  • Tripleplay Mobile Media App: Tripleplay MMA is the company’s brand new mobile media application, based around the technology it uses in its existing TripleStream and TripleChoice Media Portal solutions. It allows off network video streaming, content upload, live TV recording, chat and secure encrypted download of video files for off network playback.
  • Tripleplay High Density Wi-Fi Video Streaming: Tripleplay has developed a video streaming technology that Tripleplay says will allow secure and reliable delivery of media content in environments with densely packed audiences and many mobile devices trying to access rich media from the communal WiFi. Using patent pending technology, the Tripleplay HDW Video Streaming solution uses a mix of forward error correction and live reporting to deliver a smooth, quality video experience for the user.
  • BART Software Platform: The Tripleplay BART software platform has brought with it a variety of new features including native 4K, Samsung SSP and interactive touchscreen support, as well as improved clustering and resilience features for corporate network environments, as well as providing improved server efficiency, load management and scalability.

Here are the details.