Unigest Releases Caveman 3.3 — Tripleplay Digital Signage Software


Today, Uniguest announced the release of Caveman 3.3, the latest version of its Tripleplay Digital Signage, enterprise video and IPTV software delivering several new features and integrations.

The new release includes:

  • Power BI data visualization software integration for organizations to report powerful business intelligence via dashboards, reports and tiles, directly in Tripleplay Digital Signage
  • A new API for third-party monitoring systems to fetch real-time information on the status of Tripleplay signage hardware, opening the ability to utilize third-party systems for endpoint monitoring
  • Updated digital signage event triggers which can now be utilized whilst working with Site Profiles
  • New Webcasting enhancements enabling viewers to access live webcasts from mobile devices via the Tripleplay Mobile Media App (MMA)

Additional features include UI and platform architecture enhancements to Reserva, Uniguest’s enterprise-class room booking system available via Tripleplay. Digital signage users can also take advantage of the new BrightSign browser plugin and additional support for the latest Samsung SSP10 will be available.

Tripleplay’s Caveman 3.3 software release details are here: