rAVe’s InfoComm Top 10 Tour Guide: Now Accepting Submissions!

infocomm-13-0514For the third year in a row, we will produce tour guides for InfoComm — where attendees can walk booth-by-booth to see our Top 10 (or so) new products that we think you gotta see at the show. We’re going to post our guide on our dedicated show MicroSite and, like last year, we will also be printing a few thousand Top-10 Tour Guides (booklets).

That means we need your help! If you think you’re launching a product that is worthy of a Top 10 (Gotta See) Tour at InfoComm, we want to hear from you.

Yes, we know you want to keep your InfoComm product launches a secret — but unless you tell us what you’re launching, how are we supposed to know if your new gadget is Top 10-worthy? We will sign an NDA and keep any embargo dates you need us to.

You can’t submit a product that’s already been announced. Thus, all the products MUST be launching after June 1st, 2014. The deadline for submission of products to be considered is Sunday, May 25th at midnight ET. There is NO cost for consideration — we just want the best products.

For consideration, please submit:

  • A photo or image
  • All the information you’ve got so far – a press release, specs, etc.
  • A short blurb on why your product absolutely MUST be a Top 10 can’t-miss product. Tell us what makes it a stand-out!

Email us and let us know what you’ve got at sara@ravepubs.com.