rAVe Announces the 2016 InfoComm TOP 10 TOUR (and Publishes a Guide)

top-10-tour-0616Each year, we ask the manufacturers heading to InfoComm to give us sneak-peeks of their new products in an opportunity to be named one of the top-10 new products for the show.

Well, this year, we had over 80 new product submissions and, below, are those that we think are 10 new products you can’t miss if you’re heading to this year’s show — opening today in Las Vegas! And, if you aren’t here, below, we have attached the rAVe 2016 Top-10 TOUR GUIDE for you to see what we think are the top-10 new products. Certainly, there are way more than 10 new products being launched here at InfoComm, and even with 80 or so submissions, this list barely scratches the surface for the 500 or so new products expected to be launched over the next three days.  So, although these 10 are 10 that you can’t miss, there will be more that weren’t submitted to us or that we see LIVE on the show floor that we think you need to know about. So, check out our dedicated rAVe InfoComm OnDemand MicroSite often over the next four days as we will be posting hundreds of new product news stories (in fact, there are already over 50 there now) and at least 1,500 new product videos!

The Top-10 Tour Guide is here [PDF].