The Transparent OLED is a Piece of Art


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I’ve always felt like AV technology is an art form — one that is begging to tell a story. And that plays out perfectly when you see something like projection mapping on the front of a building telling the history of a town through visuals and music; it’s beautiful. Another stunning example is Walt Disney World’s own Fantastic show in Hollywood Studios, where the entire performance is projected on water; yes, screens made from water appear and disappear with the accompanying music. And, let’s not forget how display technology is transforming the emerging digital art market using OLEDs and LCDs in places like museums, lobbies and now even in your home.

In all these cases, the medium is carrying the message. The display technology is the driving force behind the creative.

While exploring this year’s ISE Show in Barcelona, Spain, I had an epiphany while staring, in awe, at the LG Business Solutions stand; Transparent OLEDs (T-OLEDs) aren’t just the messenger; they are the creative, too! They are the first display tech to truly accomplish this.

There is no doubt in my mind that T-OLEDs will become a historical watermark of technological innovation — a museum piece, if you will — that will mark a transition of a before-and-after from when monitors simply displayed images to when they started telling stories.

And this was illustrated perfectly in the design of the LG booth at the February 2023 Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), a stand literally surrounded by T-OLEDs used as walls. But, instead of those walls being placarded with vinyl stickers or painted with logos, the walls came to life with images that made you stop and think creatively about all you can do with transparent display technology.

Transparent OLED may be the most underrated and, ironically, substantial display technology of all time.

The applications for Transparent OLED are so simple the average designer often overlooks them. I mean, a door is a door, right? Well, not when it uses T-OLED, look:

And, as we move closer to a world where augmented reality shifts from the smartphone we’re holding in our hands to one that allows us to keep looking up, up rather than down, T-OLED is perfectly positioned to do things like create virtual concierges that are even more helpful and knowledgable than real people.

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But imagine transforming any wall in any meeting space into a simple collaborative — even touch-based — working surface; like this:

And Transparent OLEDs can even turn retail shopping into retail experiences — memorable ones that drive engagement by providing context to what the consumer is shopping for.

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I believe Transparent OLED can transform retail engagement like virtually no other technology. Pulled into the LG stand at ISE by its unique, captivating design, I had a chance to interview LG EMEA Marketing Leader, Bram Haans, about my observations and the plethora of T-OLED applications in retail. I hope you’ll take a moment to watch this as his observations and future-forward thinking will spark creative thinking covering digital signage, immersion and engagement in retail applications.

Not limited to retail or meeting room transformation, T-OLED can even reset our expectations of a once-boring subway/tube ride with playful, informative, and educational content or even drive purchasing decisions mid-ride:

Or, convert a door into an endlessly creative digital sign:

But, if you don’t tell someone something exists, they won’t buy it from you!

In the irony of ironies, the biggest limiting factor for integrating T-OLED is that our clients, many times, don’t learn about the technology. Transparent OLED is still an emerging market, and the many form factors that the technology can take us are endless.

T-OLED provides the most creative, scalable canvas of any display technology to date.

Want to master the art of designing systems with Transparent OLED and add it to your creative portfolio? Join me for a LIVE, in-depth look at T-OLED with LG’s own Seamus Walsh on 28 March 2023 at 2:30 pm CEST.

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In the meantime, here are two case studies that capture the beauty and inherently creative opportunities of designing and integrating #AV using Transparent OLED:

1. The House of Rituals: Rituals is a brand built on care, the feeling of luxury, and attention to detail. For its flagship House of Rituals, LG displays transform the space with light and texture while giving a clear sense of the brand.

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2: The Dali Museum: Art is timeless, and no matter how far technology progresses or the world around us changes, the beauty of a work of art never fades. But, through the power of LG Transparent OLED, some of the world’s most recognizable works of art are brought to life in ways never seen before. Discover how LG supported the Dali Museum in Figueres. By creating an immersive and thought-provoking visual spectacle, technology and art come together to evoke the work of the surrealist king himself, Salvador Dali.

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