THE rAVe Agency Welcomes Bruce MacIntosh as Brand Alliance Director

BruceTHE rAVe Agency is pleased to announce Bruce MacIntosh as brand alliance director. MacIntosh will align manufacturer and designer interests, champion data partnerships and lead business development for THE rAVe Agency’s joint venture with XTEN-AV: the only AI-powered AV design platform. THE rAVe Agency and XTEN-AV recently announced a joint venture to provide additional resources — including marketing, product information and data and sales support — to integrators and manufacturers.

MacIntosh has more than 25 years of sales, business development and operations success in the professional AV industry. He spent 15 years at AV-iQ where he was responsible for sales and business development for the industry’s longest-standing database. While at AV-iQ, MacIntosh grew the database through global engagement from manufacturers and dealers. He has worked with many of the industry’s leading manufacturers and brings a background of championing industry standards through his engagement with AV-iQ. Most recently, MacIntosh served as regional sales manager for the northeast region for Optoma Technology.

“THE rAVe Agency is pleased to welcome Bruce to our team,” said Gary Kayye, founder and director for THE rAVe Agency. “Bruce is well-recognized throughout the AV industry for his success at AV-iQ. He will be instrumental in driving long-term strategy and business development for XTEN-AV. Together, THE rAVe Agency and XTEN-AV can bring additional value to integrators and manufacturers with new, innovative resources to support their businesses.” 

“XTEN-AV is a tool for the new generation,” said MacIntosh. “THE rAVe Agency’s joint venture with XTEN-AV is an opportunity to reach manufacturers to ensure their products are accurately represented. It’s also an opportunity to provide integrators with an opportunity to streamline their business with the industry’s most extensive cloud-based AV design software. I am incredibly energized to join THE rAVe Agency and grow XTEN-AV’s brand.”

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THE rAVe Agency’s joint venture with XTEN-AV yields an opportunity to serve integrators, bringing XTEN-AV’s unique cloud-based AV design software to the forefront of the industry. The unified platform enables integrators to quickly design consistent proposals, manage leads and sales and create in-depth systems-design drawings. The addition of Bruce MacIntosh to THE rAVe Agency and XTEN-AV teams will bring tremendous value to the joint venture. It will set the stage for strong brand alliances between the Agency and prospective XTEN-AV customers like AV integrators and manufacturers.