TechStarter FIVE Winners Announced at CEDIA Expo 2019

TechStarter, a new CEDIA Expo program that gives first-time exhibitors a chance to pitch business models to residential market leaders, awarded five exhibitors TechStarter awards this past week in Denver at CEDIA Expo 2019.

Artio Lifestyle Lighting, Caavo, Hero Labs, Konnected and SandTrap Audio were recognized as the TechStarter FIVE with Hero Labs as the overall winner.

The “Shark Tank” style program identified each exhibitor from Innovation Alley as those with the most promise for a successful business model and having a vision for the future of their product or service. Tabatha O’Connor, CEO of CEDIA, Alex Capecelatro, CEO and founder of and Hagai Feiner, founder and CEO of Access Networks served as judges for the program.

“CEDIA Expo aims to be a spring board for our new-to-industry brands exhibiting within Innovation Alley,” shared Brian Pagel, senior vice president, Emerald Expositions. “The TechStarter program will introduce the newest brands to the brightest minds within our industry and give them the platform to make their innovations successful.”

Artio Lifestyle Lighting, a lighting system solution aimed at the landscape lighting vertical, hits the “ease of use” nail right on the hammer. With individual fixture control, integrations with Control4, Elan and URC, a dedicated mobile application and proprietary mesh wireless network, Artio uses lighting to create experiences inside and outside of the home.

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Caavo exhibited its Control Center product at CEDIA Expo 2019, a four-port HDMI switch with built-in UI. The switch ships with Caavo’s custom over-the-signal UI, which allows for a seamless user experience with multiple sources. Control Center recognizes each signal whether it be an Apple TV, Roku device or (traditional) DVD player and powers a search across each platform. It is the first SONOS-connected-to-TV product and supports messaging between other Control Center devices.

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Hero Labs, a company with the self-proclaimed goal of solving real-life problems with technology, debuted its Sonic leak management solution at CEDIA. The system utilizes a smart AI to recognize regular water consumption to then allow for successful recognition of leaks. The smart flow meter also boasts a shut-off valve and can operate either fully autonomously or semi-autonomously depending on the user’s preference. Signal, a sister product, connects to Sonic through RF protocol to allow for IoT control.

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Konnected exhibited two “retrofit for a traditional alarm system” products, Alarm Panel Pro and Alarm Panel 2, that allow users to utilize the wiring and hardware of a traditional alarm system for IoT control. So, imagine those ancient motion sensors already installed in your late 90s/early 2000s home. Not only does Konnected allow you to monitor motion when you are not home (an intruder, for example) but it further allows you to tap into those signals to trigger lighting automation, for example, when you walk into a room.

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SandTrap Audio attacked perky unwanted resonance with the release of their product: an analog speaker tuning system for in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. The product pairs with any in-wall, in-ceiling speaker on the market and flanks the exterior filled with sand to adjust the resonant frequency. Ed Avalos, the founder of SandTrap Audio, shared “it’s all about minimizing the compromise of your system, and that is exactly what we are doing here at SandTrap.”

Here is a video that rAVe shot at CEDIA Expo 2019:


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