TASCAM Announces UH-7000 USB, Stand-alone Mic Amp

UH_7000-0314The new TASCAM UH-7000 USB is a 4×4-channel audio interface and standalone microphone preamp. Using TASCAM’s new HDIA (High Definition Instrumentation Architecture), something the company hails as a new design for microphone preamps, it features a fully-balanced signal path from input to output. And performance specs include -128 dBU noise floor, 117 dB signal-to-noise ratio and 0.0009 percent THD rating.

Dual-sided PCM4220 A/D converters capture the mic or line inputs at up to 192kHz/24-bit resolution. A temperature-compensated internal clock offers 1PPM resolution, which TASCAM says limits jitters in recordings. When monitoring and line output, the UH-7000 puts the audio through a Burr Brown DA converter.

With a solid aluminum structure, the knobs are calibrated for smooth, custom-tapered gain setting and bright 20-segment LED peak meters. The device is equipped with two XLR balanced inputs with full +48V phantom power, two balanced 1/4” inputs, two balanced XLR outputs and AES/EBU digital out. The preamps of the UH-7000 can be worked into an existing current recording/live setup, or just plugged into a computer to start recording immediately.

Here are all the detailed specs.