Did Plantronics Bail Out Polycom or Is This Perfect Timing?

March 29, 2018

As the rest of the advertiser-supported AV press just reprints the Polycom or Plantronics press releases, we’re going to call it how we see it — with the truth about this “acquisition.” Yes, Plantronics is taking control of Polycom — a history-making videoconferencing company that all but invented the space — for what amounts to $2.0 billion in enterprise […]

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AV as a Service?

March 13, 2017

If you have gone to any AV leadership event over the last several years, ranging from the Commercial Integrator Summit to InfoComm’s AVEC to NSCA’s Business and Leadership Conference, you know that developing a revenue stream based on service has been at the forefront of the conversation. Many integrators have started offering managed services to their […]

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Is VRTC the Next Big Thing?

March 8, 2017

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the use of Virtual Realty (VR) technology. One of the applications being touted as ripe for VR is virtual meetings — a Virtual Reality Telconference (VRTC) if you will. But will VRTC be the next big leap in meeting technology? Imagine getting ready for your next […]

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VDO360 Ships Clearwater PTZPC

December 15, 2015

VDO360’s Clearwater PTZPC, launched at InfoComm 2015, is now shipping. Using a camera module based on Compass HD PTZ USB camera the VDO360 Clearwater uses a computer with an Intel Core i5 processor with vPro technology. The Clearwater PTZPC is a completely new way to do BYOD collaboration. By uniting a VDO360 Compass camera with an […]

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An Evening with Polycom — On Software and Experience

August 12, 2015

Last week my fellow consultants and I were invited to an event at conferencing stalwart Polycom’s New York City experience center. It’s a pretty and shiny new spot at One Penn Plaza, with a nice river view outside and their technological toys inside. For me the more interesting part isn’t the specifics of a single […]

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Extron Takes Aim at Vaddio and ClearOne With New MediaPort 200 AV to USB Box

July 30, 2015

Extron is launching into a completely new market category with their new MediaPort 200, an HDMI (and audio) to USB bridge for integrating pro AV sources or systems with software codec conferencing applications. The cool thing about this product is it will give integrators a way to make money integrating consumer videoconferencing products and apps […]

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Networked AV in Depth: Securing AV Devices

December 12, 2014

By Tim Kridel Special to InfoComm International Videoconferences frequently include confidential information, so the last thing clients want is someone eavesdropping. Meanwhile, digital signage done right can attract lots of eyeballs, which actually makes it attractive to hackers looking to embarrass a company by putting inappropriate content on-screen. “Digital signage content is increasingly Web-based; the […]

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So You’re Telling Me Hardware Is Dead… Again

December 2, 2014

So you’re telling me hardware is dead… Every time a new software video conferencing product hits the market, I hear the cries that hardware is dead in our industry. Cloud (Internet) services are all the rage, but the continual cry of hardware being dead from software vendors is stale and has run its course. Maybe […]

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Pan Tilt Zoom

November 17, 2014

We tend to forget that video conferences are supposed to be a technological way to have meetings. Gadgets, gadgets, more gadgets and expensive widgets are getting in the way of us just sitting down and having a meeting. The worst culprit of all is the PTZ camera. The PTZ, by its name alone reminds us […]

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InfoComm: The Value Proposition of Videoconferencing May Have Been a Little Off, But That’s OK

October 15, 2014

By Brad Grimes Director of Editorial Services, InfoComm International Have you seen the new TV advertisements for GoToMeeting, the online collaboration tool that most of us have probably used at one time or another? The company is highlighting videoconferencing integration and touting reduced travel as a top benefit. Been there? Done that? I probably don’t […]

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New Company: ZOOM Debuts Cloud-Based Video Collaboration Into Conference Rooms

May 9, 2014

Zoom hopes to transformation of room-based conferencing with the launch of ZoomPresence. ZoomPresence is the Zoom application that runs on a Mac Mini with touchscreen functionality, and claims to offer five things: Easy set up — Zoom can be set up within minutes by connecting your HD camera, touchscreen and monitor(s) to a Mac mini; […]

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Disruptive Forces in AV/IT – Part 3: Zoom

May 7, 2014

OK, I’ll admit it, I’m a social media junkie. Without social media, I’m not sure I’d have even been doing such a series in the first place — I’ve gotten a very good idea of what the companies involved in this bring to the table either through certain individuals or collectively. And this company is […]

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ISE Becomes World’s Largest AV Trade Show and Has Six Clear Tech Themes

February 10, 2014

Before the doors closed on the 2014 edition of the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) last week in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, nearly every exhibitor already knew it was a record show. NEC reported to us on Day 2 of the show that they’d seen a 40 percent increase on leads on Day 1 over 2013’s totals. […]

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Hardware is Dead! Long Live Hardware! In Defense of the Appliance, and a Look Ahead at Software Solutions

January 13, 2014

Last week Ryan Pinke joined a new tradition in proclaiming the video conference Codec dead. In my own look ahead I posited a potential future free of boxes, in which software solutions largely replace dedicated appliances. Is Pinke right on this one? Have we reached, or are we nearing the end of hardware? I don’t […]

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The Video Conference Codec is Dead (Or At Least the Writing Is on the Wall)

January 2, 2014

New VC technology lets everyone into the party It always amazes me the calls I get from very large organizations and universities making the comment “We don’t want Cisco or Polycom endpoints.” At first I thought this was just a few fringe organizations, but it is becoming all too common request as of lately. While […]

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The Advantage of In-Person Interviews

August 15, 2013

I was reading another post by fellow BloqSquad member Robin Raulf-Sager about the advantages that Video Telconferencing (VTC) may provide during the interview process (if you missed it, click here). I started to leave a comment that was way too long so I stopped and considered writing this blog. In an effort not to be […]

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TrueConf Develops Desktop VTC System Compatible with MAC OS, Windows, Android and iOS

December 14, 2012

Russian-based soft-codec VTC manufacturer TrueConf has had a desktop VTC system application that was capable of connecting Windows and Android users together for a while. Now it’s MAC OS and iOS capable too. The TrueConf video conferencing solution for OS X is designed for OS X 10.7 and its older versions. It provides video conferencing […]

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Will Skype-Embedded LCD HDTVs Have An Impact on the VTC Market?

February 22, 2010

Did you know that Skype embedded HDTVs are a few months away from shipping?  Skype has signed a deal with LG and Panasonic to integrate their videoconferencing technology into future HDTVs.  Skype’s service integrated into the LCDs would allow for free video calls with other Skype users – and may even be compatible with 3rd […]

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Juniper Networks, Polycom Partner to “Improve Experience” of VTC

February 9, 2010

Last week, Juniper Networks and Polycom announced an alliance focused on improving the reliability, cost-effectiveness and quality of the customer experience for telepresence and video conferencing services. Anchored by dynamic signaling between the Juniper network resource control platform and the Polycom video call control system, the joint managed video services solution will reduce total capital […]

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