VDO360 Ships Clearwater PTZPC

vdo360-clearwater-1215VDO360’s Clearwater PTZPC, launched at InfoComm 2015, is now shipping.

Using a camera module based on Compass HD PTZ USB camera the VDO360 Clearwater uses a computer with an Intel Core i5 processor with vPro technology. The Clearwater PTZPC is a completely new way to do BYOD collaboration. By uniting a VDO360 Compass camera with an Intel 5th generation i5 PC, VDO360 says they have has solved one of the most vexing issues facing communications space design: Where and how to run the cabling.

The Clearwater PTZPC turns the camera and computer into one single unit — no more worrying about USB cables. It’s smaller than most USB PTZ cameras but includes a wireless BYOD system, a VTC camera, a Harman Kardon Esquire 2 microphone, a Flare IR preset recall buttons, a wireless keyboard and mouse, and the IR remote for camera control.

With the use of WiDi (Wireless Display) capabilities, the Clearwater system can be configured to be completely wireless, with the exception of power to the PTZPC. Here are all the specs.