Will Skype-Embedded LCD HDTVs Have An Impact on the VTC Market?

Did you know that Skype embedded HDTVs are a few months skype_logo-0210away from shipping?  Skype has signed a deal with LG and Panasonic to integrate their videoconferencing technology into future HDTVs.  Skype’s service integrated into the LCDs would allow for free video calls with other Skype users – and may even be compatible with 3rd party videoconferencing services like those from Polycom and Cisco – in addition to Apple’s iChat service.

The service, scheduled to be started mid-2010, will be supported by a separate line of “higher-end” HDTS offered by LG and Panasonic and will require at least a 1Mbps Internet connection – however, it will be available via wireless and wired connectivity.

To learn more about the offering, go to:  http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSN0425162920100105