CalMAN 2018 R3 Ships


The CalMAN 2018 R3 just started shipping. The R3 features auto calibration (AutoCal) support for all existing 4K TVs in addition to the newly released Sony MASTER Series TVs and the Samsung 2018 Q8 and Q900 series. The auto calibration provided by CalMAN software accelerates the process for professional calibrators, along with enabling consumers the […]

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SpectraCal Announces Free Automated Pattern Generator Solution for Home Theater Enthusiasts


SpectraCal’s new calibration solution for home theater enthusiasts provides automated test patterns for home theater flat panel and projector calibrations through SpectraCal’s mobile application, MobileForge. Users of SpectraCal’s home theater calibration software, CalMAN, can now generate patterns for their TV flat panels and projectors straight from their mobile devices. In the past, pattern discs have […]

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SpectraCal Announces New Pattern Generator Application for Mobile Devices


SpectraCal announced today an Android application capable of generating video test patterns for mobile devices. The pattern generator app, MobileForge, provides reference-level test patterns for measuring the color performance of mobile displays. The application integrates with select CalMAN licenses, generating pattern swatches automatically for performance tests and color evaluations. For consumers, those with adjustable picture […]

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SpectraCal and X-Rite Partner to Provide New Calibration Solution for Panasonic Professional Displays


SpectraCal, Inc. and color technology company X-Rite, Inc. have partnered to introduce a software/hardware package that makes calibrating and matching select Panasonic professional displays faster and more intuitive for video walls and digital signage. The CalMAN for Panasonic package provides automated calibrations for select Panasonic displays, including the new Panasonic LFV series for multi-panel video […]

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SpectraCal Becomes First Software Company to Provide Direct-Load 3D LUT Capabilities for Reference-Grade Monitors


SpectraCal announced this week new 3D LUT technology for a select lineup of monitors available with the latest release of the company’s software, CalMAN 5.3. With this new technology, 3D LUT calibrations are loaded directly from CalMAN to the device on which the software is running, eliminating the need to store and load LUT files […]

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SpectraCal and Pandora Team Up to Deliver Next Generation Cube Processing


SpectraCal and Pandora announced last week the availability of a complete color cube characterization package for the professional video creation industry. Featuring Pandora’s new PLUTO image processor and a new version of SpectraCal’s CalMAN Studio software optimized for PLUTO, the package offers an accuracy of monitor characterization never previously attainable, while requiring less time than […]

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SpectraCal and X-Rite Team Up to Deliver Next Generation SpectraCal C3 Colorimeter


SpectraCal and X-Rite are collaborating on a new SpectraCal colorimeter — the SpectraCal C3. The companies say this colorimeter will extend video optimization to a much wider range of viewers due to the price point of only $149. SpectraCal and X-Rite have worked closely together for years on calibration products. Last year, for example, the […]

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