SpectraCal Announces Free Automated Pattern Generator Solution for Home Theater Enthusiasts

spectracal-mobileforge-0615SpectraCal’s new calibration solution for home theater enthusiasts provides automated test patterns for home theater flat panel and projector calibrations through SpectraCal’s mobile application, MobileForge.

Users of SpectraCal’s home theater calibration software, CalMAN, can now generate patterns for their TV flat panels and projectors straight from their mobile devices.

In the past, pattern discs have been one of the only affordable pattern generation solutions for home theater enthusiasts, though they require tedious, manual operation and cannot be controlled automatically.

For Android devices, the type of HDMI adapter required will depend on the mobile device itself. “Some devices, like Samsung, use an eleven or five pin active MHL micro-USB to HDMI adapter, while other devices will require different connections,” said Pruitt.

For iOS devices, users will need a Lightning Digital AV adapter, or for older iOS devices an Apple Digital AV adapter.

MobileForge users with AppleTV or Google Chromecast also have the option of screen-mirroring the app to their TV without an HDMI adapter.

The MobileForge pattern generator application is available as a free download in both the Apple and Google Play stores. MobileForge is supported in all license levels of CalMAN Home Video.

To learn more about MobileForge, go here.