CalMAN 2018 R3 Ships

The CalMAN 2018 R3 just started shipping. The R3 features auto calibration (AutoCal) support for all existing 4K TVs in addition to the newly released Sony MASTER Series TVs and the Samsung 2018 Q8 and Q900 series. The auto calibration provided by CalMAN software accelerates the process for professional calibrators, along with enabling consumers the ability to perform professional quality calibrations.

CalMAN 2018 R3 also includes support for the Verified by CalMAN BenQ PV270. The Verified by CalMAN program is designed as a certification for the quality of the YTV you’re buying or specifying with regard to color and image accuracy.

CalMAN 2018 R3 includes a new Sony BRAVIA calibration workflow for the Sony MASTER Series TVs to guide an installer through the calibration process. A new ColorMatch HDR layout with HDR verification patches derived from actual HDR video content has been added to the HDR Analysis Workflow. Minor updates have also been made to existing LG, Samsung and Sony workflows.

To access additional information about CalMAN 2018 R3, go here.