SpectraCal Becomes First Software Company to Provide Direct-Load 3D LUT Capabilities for Reference-Grade Monitors

direct_load_3D_LUT-0114SpectraCal announced this week new 3D LUT technology for a select lineup of monitors available with the latest release of the company’s software, CalMAN 5.3. With this new technology, 3D LUT calibrations are loaded directly from CalMAN to the device on which the software is running, eliminating the need to store and load LUT files with intermediary software.

SpectraCal has played a significant role in the advancement of 3D LUT technology over the past several years, especially in the broadcast, production, and post-production industries, where 3D LUTs have only recently begun to be used for calibrations.

While SpectraCal’s display calibration software, CalMAN, has included 3D LUT capabilities for some time, the latest version of the software will be the first capable of loading those LUTs directly to monitors without the use of secondary software. The list of supported devices for the direct-load LUTs currently includes EIZO ColorEdge and TVLogic XVM, and is expected to grow.

Here are all the CalMAN specs.