The Church For All Nations Solves Wireless Challenges With Components From RF Venue


Ashland, MA, USA, June 22, 2022 — The Church For All Nations in Colorado Springs, CO, had a problem. Actually, they had a multifaceted problem: its RF wireless microphone and IEM systems were experiencing regular dropouts and signal fades during services and even rehearsals. The RF products the church was employing, such as antennas and combiners, were […]

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RF Venue Introduces 2 Channel Remote Antenna Kit for Smaller Installs


RF Venue has introduced the new 2 Channel Remote Antenna Kit. The remote antenna kit claims to “contain everything needed to enhance the signal quality of smaller wireless microphone system installations by bringing receive antennas to the front of the rack or to the outside of equipment closets.” The kit includes a pair of high-quality […]

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RF Venue’s COMBINE8 IEM Transmitter Combiner Solves RF Interference


Ashland, MA, USA, May 27, 2022 — RF Venue, a leading global manufacturer of antenna and RF communications essentials, has introduced COMBINE8, a wireless IEM system antenna combiner that brings together up to eight in-ear monitor transmitter signals into a single rear panel mounted antenna connector. Coupled with a single directional antenna outside the rack […]

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RF Venue Intros Diversity Architectural Antenna


RF Venue is introducing its Diversity Architectural Antenna, a new system component for wireless microphones that offers the core capabilities of the company’s Diversity Fin Antenna in a virtually invisible footprint. The patented cross-polarized Diversity Architectural Antenna is an unobtrusive, solution to the problem of wireless microphone signal dropouts, multipath interference and IMD issues plaguing […]

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RF Venue Develops Free Online Performance Calculator Tool


RF Venue, Inc. announced the development of the RF Venue Performance Calculator. The free online tool is designed to reduce the complexity of wireless system performance prediction. Users of the Performance Calculator select system components via a handful of drop-down menus, including microphone make and series, distance from mic to antenna, cabling type and length, RF Venue […]

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RF Venue Releases Diversity Omni Antenna for Omnidirectional Wireless Mic Coverage


RF Venue announced the release of the Diversity Omni Antenna. The antenna is an all-new, patent-pending antenna designed for omnidirectional coverage of any manufacturer’s wireless microphones operating across 470–616 MHz. It is designed for indoor multi-zone projects or outdoors where large areas of coverage are needed, such as sports venues, theme parks and amphitheaters. The Diversity Omni […]

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Audio-Technica to Distribute RF Venue Wireless System Accessories in North America


Audio-Technica has entered into an agreement with RF Venue to distribute antennas, RF signal distribution systems and spectrum analysis tools will be in North America starting today. As part of this agreement, RF Venue’s popular Diversity Fin Antenna and DISTRO4 antenna distributor will become the primary accessories offered for Audio-Technica’s new flagship 3000 and 5000 […]

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Part 2 – Featured Podcast – New AV for the Riverhouse on the Deschutes


Welcome to Part 2 of the Sound and Video Contractor featured podcast with Tony sharing more about the Riverhouse project.  The following is the transcription for your easy reference or you can click the link below to listen to the 10-minute interview. Click here to download and listen. This is the SVC Podcast from Sound […]

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Saltwater Kills!


Saltwater kills. These are two words that should never be in the same sentence when you are trying to get your wireless microphones to work. What do Saltwater and Radio Frequencies (RF) have in common? Answer: Nothing, really. But, I have a scenario for you that may help you make a connection. Imagine you are […]

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