RF Venue Launches CP Architectural Antenna

rf venue

RF Venue has launched its CP Architectural Antenna, building on the CP Beam Antenna and housed in the same enclosure as the RF Venue Diversity Architectural Antenna.

Unlike LPDA (“paddle”) remote antennas with a fixed polarization, RF Venue says the CP Architectural Antenna uses a circularly polarized design to deliver a “consistent signal to IEM bodypacks, even when the performer bends or twists.” The antenna’s low-profile housing can be installed on a wall or ceiling for optimal line-of-sight to IEM users. The housings can also be painted to match any interior.

When more than one IEM transmitter is in use, feeding IEM transmitter outputs to a combiner and the combiner output to the remote antenna is recommended as multiple IEM transmitters housed together in a rack, each with their own whip antenna transmitting on top of each other, create noise and intermodulation that can wreak havoc not only on IEM performance but on neighboring wireless microphones receivers as well. The CP Architectural Antenna is available in RF Venue Wireless In-Ear Monitor Upgrade Packs which bundle COMBINE4 or COMBINE8 antenna combiners and all needed cabling for a clean, easy setup.

When the CP Architectural Antenna is used in conjunction with the Diversity Architectural Antenna, which features horizontal and vertically polarized diversity reception for wireless microphone receivers, the combination optimizes the performance of a complete wireless audio system regardless of mic and IEM system brands or models.

The CP Architectural Antenna will begin shipping June 1 and priced at $629. All the specs are here: https://www.rfvenue.com/hardware/antennas/cp-arc