2022 and the Return to the Office — But Is the Office Ready?

February 15, 2022

Joan Co-founder and Workplace Management Expert Matej Zalar Comments As 2022 prepares to unfold and we officially enter a full, post-pandemic year, new workplace dynamics are ready to take place. New requirements will be necessary for offices to function safely and adapt to new challenges, so a restructuring (or perhaps re-purposing) of the office could […]

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Visionect Announces ‘Joan 6 Pro’ Now Shipping

September 17, 2021

Joan just announced it’s shipping the Joan 6 Pro. Joan says its smart features directly address both the needs of extensive 100+ meeting-room management and those of SMBs alike. The Joan 6 Pro streamlines the meeting-room booking experience, allowing advanced booking either through a company calendar or ad hoc as needed. Employees can check the […]

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