Visionect Announces ‘Joan 6 Pro’ Now Shipping

joan 6

Joan just announced it’s shipping the Joan 6 Pro. Joan says its smart features directly address both the needs of extensive 100+ meeting-room management and those of SMBs alike.

The Joan 6 Pro streamlines the meeting-room booking experience, allowing advanced booking either through a company calendar or ad hoc as needed. Employees can check the meeting room’s timetable directly on the device, virtually eliminating double bookings or canceled meetings that tie up room space because someone forgot to unbook.

It’s the first-ever Joan device with features that were developed as a direct response to market feedback As such, it solves the exact needs and expectations of customers worldwide.

As workforces worldwide return to a professional landscape of radically altered dynamics, Joan 6 Pro is the first step in helping companies adjust to the new normal by managing several of their resources.

“The post-pandemic office is flexible and this flexibility brings another layer of complexity. People will be transiting between work from home and office. In order to keep the workplace safe and efficient companies need better workplace management solutions. Joan 6 Pro was designed bottom-up based on our extensive experience and customer requirements, and will serve as an important element of the modern post pandemic office. This is the tool that will help every office stay safe and efficient. And it perfectly integrates with other solutions from the Joan Workplace Management system,” explains Matej Zalar, Co-founder of Visionect.

With a year-long battery life, the company says Joan 6 Pro uses 580 times less energy than iPads.

Joan’s Smart Magnets attach to any service and act as location tags for the portable Joan 6 Pro, guaranteeing zero installation costs. Devices automatically reconfigure to display each room’s dedicated information every time it is anchored to a networked magnet. Furthermore, devices are trackable and aren’t tied to specific meeting rooms, giving your team members flexibility.

For companies with extra-stringent security protocols, Joan 6 Pro can also be wired directly into a fixed space to take advantage of a PoE network. This allows for perpetual power and increased security. The side of the wall mount is equipped with LED lights, which provide highly requested occupancy information — green for free and red for booked.

“Our device complies with the highest security standards, seamlessly integrates with the company’s existing infrastructure, and empowers teams to schedule on-site meetings in a safe and efficient way,” said Rok Zalar, Co-founder and CEO of Visionect.

Other Joan 6 Pro amenities include:

  • Displays customizable logos, meeting room names, capacity, status, availability, and schedules, and offers on-demand booking; supports Google G Suite, Office 365 (Exchange Online), Microsoft Exchange (Outlook), Accruent EMS, iCalender (.ics)
  • Faster response times (new Advanced Client architecture); more stable 2.4/5 GHzWi-Fi support; TLS 1.3 encryption; optional secure Power over Ethernet wall mount with LED room occupancy indication
  • User ID, PIN, and/or NFC; multiple admin support for the centralized Joan Portal; audit logs through Joan Portal; active directory integration and advanced analytics reports.