Elite Debuts Outdoor Yard Master Electric Screen Line


Elite Screens today announced the launch of its Yard Master Electric series of retractable outdoor projector screens. The Yard Master Electric is the motorized variant of Elite’s outdoor “roll-up” projector screen. It’s an enameled weather resistant aluminum casing that’s designed for a backyard, patio, pool deck, or anywhere outside. The components are made from rustproof […]

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Elite Screen’s Manual Grande Large-Venue Screens Debut


Elite Screens believes there’s a strong demand for manual screens again — so they are launching a new line of them. The Manual Grande is designed to accommodate large group presentations and its operation incorporates a bead-chain-clutch system similar to the mechanism used in controlling large window drapes. Elite Screens claims this is important because […]

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Elite Screens Debuted the WhiteboardScreen TE


Elite Screen’s WhiteboardScreen Thin Edge (TE) series is the latest in Elite’s line of whiteboard-projection screens designed to work with today’s standard, short throw and UST projectors. It uses Elite’s Versawhite 1.1 gain matte white projection surface that allows for a wide viewing angle for training/classroom applications. The material is coated with a scratch-resistant optical […]

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Elite Screens Debuts Whiteboard Projection Screens


Elite Screens recently announced the launch of its new line of whiteboard projection screens. The multi-role combination of a whiteboard and theater-grade projection screen is interesting for a classroom or training facility. The Whiteboard Screen-TE or “Thin Edge” classroom projection screen combines the two most vital classroom visual aids by providing theater-grade imagery and a […]

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Saker Projection Screen From Elite Ships In Tensioned And Standard Fiberglass-Backed Versions


Elite Screens Friday announced that its Saker electric projection screen is now available with a tensioned variation to its original fiberglass-backed material option. The Saker electric projection screen is designed for the CE retail and pro AV sales channels. The streamlined and durable accurate profiled casing is available in a white color coating. It features […]

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New Free-Standing Whiteboard-Projection Screen from Elite


Elite Screens has debuted a free-standing 4’H x 10’W whiteboard and projection screen – the WB4X10HW. It is designed for use with short throw projectors while serving a dual purpose as a magnetic dry-erase instructional whiteboard. Its mobile (on casters) with a free-standing mount (ZWBMS-4X10) attaches quickly to form a stable upright display. Of course, […]

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Elite Screens’ eFinity Offers Edge-less Projection Screen


Elite Prime Vision is now offering “edge-free” screens. The eFinity design is a projection screen offering the aesthetic value off an edge-free design with the added benefit of LED backlighting. It has an internal aluminum framework that is enclosed in a wrap-around material design to create the “edge-free” effect. It also comes with an anodized […]

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Elite Screens Intros Tab-Tensioned Version of Starling Series


Elite Screens last month released the Starling Series, an entry-level line of motorized projection screens. Now it has released the Starling Tension, a line of tab-tensioned front projection motorized screens. The Starling tension uses Elite’s Spectra White FG matte white surface screen material. Other specs include: 1.1 Gain with 160° viewing angle 4K Ultra HD […]

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Elite Screens Intros Airflex 5D Mobile Projector Cart


Airflex5D (a division of Elite Screens) has launched its ZAF-Cart, a wheeled stage case that can accommodate up to six projectors simultaneously. It was developed to make multiple-projector set ups a whole lot easier and less time consuming for rental and staging professionals. With time being a finite element in professional stage production, this solution […]

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Elite Screen’s PolarStar Claims Ambient Light Rejecting Projection Screen with Polarized 3D Capability


Elite Primevision says its PolarStar is a screen designed for 3D applications that includes ambient light-rejecting projection screen with 3D polarization. It uses Elite’s Airbright 5D material that’s a highly reflective surface coated by a gray diffusion layer. This angular-reflective screen material has a brightness of 1.8 gain and a 120º wide viewing angle. The […]

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Elite Screens Intros In-Ceiling DIY Electric Screen Line


The Evanesce B is a DIY (do it yourself) in-ceiling projection screen that conveniently disappears from view when not in use. It can be installed from within the above-ceiling airspace or from below thanks to its removable base panels. It’s integrated with Greenguard-certified, MaxWhite FG (fiberglass-backed), 1.1 gain matte white material with wide diffusion uniformity. […]

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AirFlex5D Brings Multi-Projector Stacking to the Home


A new company called AirFlex5D, owned by Elite Screens, just launched a Multi-Projector Stacking System that will allow custom integrators to create a high brightness system in the home by actually stacking four projectors. The Airflex5D system is a 2D/3D projector stacking system that aligns the images of multiple projectors vertically and horizontally into one […]

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Elite Screens Shows a Wall-Screen


Elite Screens has added a pliable whiteboard-projection screen, dubbed the Insta-DE2. It’s a flexible projection screen material that’s ultra-sheer for converting smooth wall surfaces and windows into an interactive whiteboard/projection screen for use with standard and short throw projectors. Made with GREENGUARD, the Insta-Screen DE2 is a 1.1 gain PET (polyethylene terephthalate) projection surface and […]

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Elite Touts New Evanesce as Flagship In-Ceiling Electric Screen


Dubbed the Evanesce, Elite Screens has launched its flagship, fully assembled hidden electric screen.   Designed using a white-finished aluminum housing (that can be painted) and available in tensioned and non-tensioned versions, the Evanesce houses a matte white screen that they say provides wide diffusion uniformity and black backing to eliminate light penetration through the screen. […]

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Slow Retraction for Elite


Elite Screens is introducing a new line of manually operated projection screens that have a Slow Retraction Mechanism (SRM) that permits the screen to retract slowly back into its casing without being assisted by the presenter. Traditional manual projection screens are spring-loaded so they retract so quickly that the force of its return may actually […]

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