Elite Launches New Dual-Mode Screens

Osprey Tension Dual 0410

Last month, Elite Screens launched their new OspreyOsprey_Tension_Dual-0410 dual format 2.35:1 and 16:9 (in one) projection screen designed for projectors with dual-mode anamorphic stretch capabilities.  Starting at $1999 (97”), the Osprey dual motorized screen features a dual screen format running a native 2.35:1 and a 16:9 screen in tandem with the push of a button while maintaining a centered image coordinated to the projector’s lens memory. It utilizes a 1.1 gain, tensioned front projection material with wide diffusion uniformity and is included with internal IR and RF receivers, IR and RF remotes, and a RJ45 port for 5-12 volt triggers and external wall boxes.  They range in sizes from 97” to 133” diagonally.