Super Tuesday, the Day Before the Opening of InfoComm 2016

joel-blog-0616Well, today was “Super Tuesday.” No, not the political type, however. This is the day that the association traditionally holds a ton of educational events before the opening of the how. Normally, I would have been teaching at least one of these courses, but this year I had a different project.

As many of you may be aware, I have been writing and podcasting for rAVe for a number of years. Well, this year we are vastly expanding our podcasting efforts with the expansion of our “rAVe Radio” podcasting with “rAVe TV”, so I spent the day setting up a little live TV studio in the middle of the showroom floor, along with my brother Eric, who is new to the industry and discovering his first exposure to InfoComm and the AV industry in general. Not only are we taping our usual round of interviews with industry figures, we will also be broadcasting them live on Facebook. We have an expanded presence in many aspects of the convention this year, and I am really excited to be part of this team once again.

So a lot of really great things have happened today:

First, I had a really good interview with Paul Richards of PTZ Optics, who make a really interesting and flexible line of PTZ cameras. We had a good talk about cameras, lenses, and the changing market for PTZ cameras, and you can see it here…

Then, we were joined by Sean Gunduz of Epson, to talk about their new product introduction in the Large Venue projection arena. They have obviously done a lot of research, and talked to a lot of users, to develop this new product. I could go on, but better to let him explain it…

Finally, in our third interview of the day, we met with Felix Pimentel of BenQ, who have a slightly different slant on the large venue market, where they have also developed a new offering. Felix was kind enough to answer many of my questions, and he does a great job of explaining their new offering here….

Finally, in some really exciting news, my old friend (and many of yours) Luke Rawls, formerly of Sony and Snell and Wilcox, has rejoined rAVe and the AV industry! He will be taking charge of rAVe’s new training series on 4K, its challenges, and its potential, and we are really excited to be working with him again. He will be with us all week at the show, so look him up, say hi, and give him any feedback you have on needs for the course. In fact, we taped a discussion between Luke and Gary Kayye about our direction on this, and you can see it here…

I am really looking forward to this week’s show. If you are here, stop by the booth and say hi… and if not, stay tuned for our coverage of every aspect of this, the industry’s top show in the US.