SpinetiX Announces New Cloud-Based Remote Monitoring Service for Digital Signage Players

cockpit1-0215 cockpit2-0215SpinetiX will use ISE to debut a cloud-based service called Cockpit. Cockpit enables dealers to set up, monitor and control customers’ digital signage players from anywhere, proactively performing maintenance and addressing problems before they reach critical status.

According to SpinetiX, their market research has shown that the quality of on-site service and support is one of the top three challenges for digital signage projects. Up to 30 percent of the budget is reserved for integration and support services, in particular when digital signage networks are mission critical to end-customers. Yet, providing quality maintenance and on-site support can be a challenge for dealers. Without professional remote monitoring tools, these missions can be unpredictable, risky and expensive, with labor costs adding up quickly. With SpinetiX Cockpit, SpintetiX says dealers can proactively react and prevent players reaching critical status as maintenance and support can be done remotely from anywhere, dramatically reducing labor costs.

Cockpit is set up as a “Freemium” pricing model and is accessible here. The free version allows any owner of a SpinetiX player to perform basic monitoring tasks. The premium version is for professionals requiring real-time monitoring, alert notifications, remote firmware updates, reporting and more. Cockpit licenses for the premium version will be available through our established distribution channels.

All the details on Cockpit are here.