SoundTube Launches Mighty Mite Pendant Speakers

SoundTube 1

SoundTube just launched the Mighty Mite pendant speakers. Mighty Mite was created to simplify installations for integrators and the UL-approved and patented Mighty Mite is the only full-range pendant speaker with a built-in subwoofer eliminating, eliminating the need to install a separate subwoofer and subwoofer amplifier.

Mighty Mite is available in two models. The MM43-BGM is a three-way pendant speaker with a 5.25” dual-chamber, band-pass subwoofer, a 4” woofer and a .75” BroadBeam  ring tweeter, with high-frequency dispersion technology for wide off-axis coverage. The Mighty Mite MM32-EZ is 2-way pendant speaker with a 5.25” dual-chamber, band-pass subwoofer and a 3” wide-range driver.

Mighty Mite’s subwoofer with phase-aligned bass produces even, full-range coverage, smooth response, and loud, clean sound from one point of origin. With its built-in subwoofer and expansive coverage over larger areas than conventional pendant speakers, the Mighty Mite generates exceptional sound for music and voice applications. In addition, the speaker’s wide coverage capabilities mean fewer speakers are needed thus further reducing both hardware and labor costs for the project.

Designed for paging, background music, foreground music and most open-ceiling applications, the Mighty Mites have a built-in 30-Watt transformer for standard 25/70/100-volt applications or can be used as direct 8-ohm speakers. The unique driver combination gives unprecedented phase-matched audio between the low, mid, and high frequencies.

Mighty Mite has an integrated hanging bracket at the top of the speaker and comes with UL-listed hanging hardware with cables and integrated SpeedClamp self-locking wire grip for fast, easy, and secure installation. Both Mighty Mite models are 22” high with a 7.4” diameter, weigh 14 lbs. and are available in silver, black and white. Mighty Mite will ship this summer.