Sonance to Debut Dual 10″ Subwoofer in Professional Series

Sonance has announced that it’s adding a new Bandpass Subwoofer to its Professional Series range, delivering what Sonance is “best-in-class sonic performance in an extremely versatile form-factor.”

The PS-S210SUBT utilizes all-new 2 x 10” (254mm) low profile, high excursion drivers, that were specifically engineered in-house by Sonance for this product. The polyurethane-coated, laminated-plywood enclosure features an extremely shallow design, with dimensions of 9″ H x 33″ W x 13.78″ D (228mmx 838mm x 350mm). This allows it to be used in a wide range of specialty applications such as under restaurant booths or banquets (using the included feet), or mounted onto the side of rafters, on walls or under ceilings (with the optional c-bracket).

One of the most unique and versatile features of the PS-S210SUBT is the ability to port either from the front or the side of the enclosure. The installer simply unscrews the port from the front of the cabinet, then unscrews a blanking plate from the side, and swaps them. This will allow the product to be used in a variety of installation locations, while always ensuring the optimum sonic performance is achieved. A removable grille over the port will keep the enclosure free of foreign objects.

The PS-S210SUBT features Sonance’s Laminated Core Technology transformer (SLCT), delivering full-fidelity in either 7-volt or 100-volt mode with tap settings of 300 watts, 150-watts, 75-watts (70-volt only) and an 8-ohm bypass. This, combined with the built-in low pass filter, allows the subwoofer to be driven on the same feed as the other full-range loudspeakers in a system, negating the need for additional amplifier channels and DSP.

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The PS-S210SUBT has a frequency range of 44Hz – 132Hz @ -3dB, nominal sensitivity of 94dB and a rated maximum SPL of 121dB @ 1 meter (3.3 feet), 127dB peak.

Watch a demo of the PS-S210SUBT here:

The PS-S210SUBT joins the existing range of Sonance Professional Series, which includes a total of twenty-four in-ceiling, pendant and surface mount speakers. The Professional Series range launched in March 2017.

Priced at $1,100 MSRP and shipping in Q4 2019, the PS-S210SUBT it’s here.