Something You Just Don’t See Every Day

Alexandra Falls, Northwest Territories. Quite a sight. Something else you don’t necessarily see every day.

I witnessed something a couple of weeks ago that was, frankly, something you just don’t see every day.

At the end of July I spent a week visiting my customers up on the far reaches of Northern Alberta.

Right about…there

Despite the fact that 90% of my job can be done by phone and email, it’s important to get out on the road and meet customers face to face on a regular basis.

I genuinely enjoy the long drives of business travel. The countryside is beautiful up there.

Also, no one else, literally none of my competitors venture up there. Ever.


Have YOU taken a selfie at the 60th Parallel?


Being the only sales rep to actually visit dealers up there is just one more competitive advantage I press.

But that’s beside the point.

So, I’m talking with the dealer principal and the manager when a guy comes in carring a box of 14/4 speaker wire.

“Good morning!” the owner says, “What can I do for you?”

“Well,” the guy starts, “I was cleaning out my garage and I found this spool of wire. You guys did some work on my place a couple of years back, and I figure it must be yours. It’s nearly full.”

It was indeed a nearly full 1000-foot box of wire.

Not unlike this, in fact

“It probably was ours.” laughs the owner, “Thanks for bringing it back!”

“You’re welcome” the guy says “I figure’d you might’ve missed it.”

So, my question for readers is, do your customers like you enough to make a special trip to drop off stuff that your installer left at their house and you forgot about?