Sneak Peek: 5 Things to Look Forward to on SYNNEX’s Next LAVNCH Day


SYNNEX’s next COLLABSolv LAVNCH Day, SYNNEX COLLABSolv Home-to-Office Technology Day, will take place on Thursday, August 20. We got a preview of the day over here at rAVe. Here are the five things I’m looking forward to for it:

1. Making sense of hybrid working.

“Hybrid working” has become a big industry buzzword, and I love being able to take the time and read through every study about this I can get my hands on. I now consider myself to be somewhat of a hybrid-working connoisseur. Different experts all have different ideas about what this next wave of working will look like, so it’ll be exciting to see what the experts and vendors have to add on SYNNEX’s next COLLABSolv LAVNCH Day. It’s a noteworthy time in history for AV — one that will be influenced heavily by the technology options we’re seeing today.

2. Taking a walk down memory lane.

On Home-to-Office Technology Day, we’ll revisit our old friends, collaboration techniques of the past — then we’ll throw them away, because collaboration is one of the many things that has gotten a facelift during COVID-19. We’ll talk about the re-imagined best practices for collaboration with David Danto during his keynote.

3. Learning about the Great Return.

Will there be a great return to the office or does hybrid truly mean hybrid? This is something we’ll learn during SYNNEX’s vendor panel. I am personally looking forward to seeing what the Poly representative has to say, because I know the company recently released a study based on this very subject.

4. Discussing whether conference rooms are going through a makeover.

There’s been a lot of talk that conference rooms will not be what were when we go back to the office. Why? Well, first of all, for sanitary reasons. No one is going to want to touch the same control tablet to start a meeting, right? Does that mean it’s necessarily the BYOM renaissance? Let’s figure it out together.

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5. Understanding how to support your hybrid workers.

Not only do many of you have to get into the hybrid working groove yourselves. You also may have employees directly under you who are learning to do the same thing. It’s difficult to support them while you’re still getting a hang of the ropes yourself, but it’s important to let your team know that you’re there for them! Through SYNNEX’s platform, we’ll get a better understanding of how to do both simultaneously.

We hope these five points are only the start of the conversation that’ll take place on August 20. In fact, we’ll issue you a challenge: On the day of the SYNNEX event, we encourage you to ask YOUR questions live via the platform’s Q&A feature. Even as we’ve worked through some hiccups this summer, what are your biggest burning questions? Now’s your chance to ask them directly to the industry’s leading manufacturers and distributor. Let’s continue building up our community, #AVtweeps, and let’s keep this conversation going.

SYNNEX COLLABSolv Home-to-Office Technology Day will take place on August 20. Registration is free and open to the full AV community. Save your spot for it here.