Snap One Debuts Vibrant Linear Lighting at CEDIA Expo 2022

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The future of Control4 is brighter than ever with Snap One’s CEDIA 2022 debut of Vibrant Linear Lighting, a new line of Control4 lighting solutions that enables Partners to deliver personalized lighting experiences for any mood, activity or time of day. The new line is on display for the first time throughout the CEDIA show in Snap One Booth #16055.

“Having the right light, in the right place at the right time has never been more important within the home – the location where many customers now work, rest and play. Just as homes have adapted for technology, lighting has evolved beyond traditional can lights and decorative fixtures to now showcase layers of light using linear lighting. We developed Vibrant Linear Lighting so that Partners can create accented lighting experiences for every need and budget with a simple, low-voltage setup that is easy to add,” said Margie Meyers, Principal Product Manager for Control4 Lighting.

Control4 Vibrant Linear Lighting provides Partners with a complete product line, offering LED tape in a full selection of white, tunable white, color, and color + tunable white options, and providing all the accessories needed, to create sophisticated lighting experiences. Partners can design scenes that can be activated with the press of a button, a voice command, or automation to provide a more immersive experience and enrich a customer’s lifestyle and well-being. The line also supports circadian health, a growing wellness concern that mimics nature with bright, cool light during the day that slowly dims and warms in the evening.

In addition to personalized wellness experiences, the Vibrant Linear Lighting line is designed to ensure a simple and professional-looking installation, which is achieved through aluminum extrusions for mounting, translucent lenses to soften and diffuse light and DMX, DALI or Zigbee modules that provide reliable control of color and lighting temperature settings. Plus, available power supplies range from 30 Watts to 300 Watts to fit the needs of each room and project.

“Vibrant Linear Lighting presents a major step forward for Control4 and the Snap One ecosystem that Partners can leverage to provide sophisticated lighting solutions, an immersive personalized ambiance that supports a wellness lifestyle, and cutting-edge user experiences that grow their businesses,” Meyers concluded.