SMART Technologies Buys NextWindow

smart 0510

smart-0510Recently, SMART Technologies has announced they will acquire NextWindow — an interesting move since in April of 2009, SMART was filing a lawsuit against NextWindow to enforce its DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology. Both companies use optical imaging touch technology, their target markets are different. NextWindow must have defended itself so well that SMART CEO Nancy Knowlton now likes NextWindow’s consumer-facing business model.
NextWindow-0510SMART is the leading provider of interactive whiteboards, which are mainly used for education/training applications. It has both resistive and optical imaging touch technologies.  They are here:

From New Zealand, NextWindow makes optical imaging touch technology for integration. NextWindow is here:

Really not familiar with NextWindow; I wonder if the romance here is an arranged business-like marriage or one where an underlying passion in technology overcomes all?