Little-Known CyberResearch Develops Sunlight-Readable Display

CyRAQ 1000 LAND 0410

CyRAQ-1000_LAND-0410CyberResearch is announcing the CyberResearch CyRAQ 1000, what they say is a sunlight-readable outdoor digital display with portrait, landscape, and wall-mount options. Specified at 1080p native, the LCD displays include a series of 23″, 32″, and 40″ pylon-mounted digital signage displays that the company says are built for use in all-weather outdoor video or digital signage applications.

The CyRAQ 1000 LCDs use AR-Bonding to reduce excessive light reflections when used in sunlight and increase contrast ratio. Apparently AR-Bonding also provides extra mechanical support to the LCD and eliminates the problem of air-gap glass fogging from condensation.

You can see all the specs at:

While I don’t have an outdoor application at my fingertips that’d suggest using a product like this, I must say the techie in me is curious.  Hope it’s safe to assume I’ll get the chance to see it at Infocomm.