Smart Conference Room Technology from Intel

smartconf-intel-0616Intel claims that new features added to their Unite solution aim to give businesses a cost-effective way to transform existing conference rooms into connected meeting spaces. The combination of select Intel Core vPro processor-powered mini PCs and Intel Unite software now offer video playback and audio support, an improved secure guest access plugin and a native mobile application for the Apple iPad.

The Intel Unite solution already offers peer-to-peer sharing, wireless connectivity to office devices and a rotating pin for enhanced security. Intel now has additional features that help in the logistics of setting up, accessing and running a meeting.

  • Video playback with audio support — Collaboration is now easier with the display of video content with accompanying audio on the Intel Unite solution. This feature is available for in-room participants, and now allows for simple sharing of video and audio files.
  • Scheduled meetings — Scheduled meetings integrate PIN scheduling allowing you to book a given room with the Intel Unite solution and create a shortcut URL to the meeting invite, providing a convenient way to include meetings with the Intel Unite solution in invites or to forward along to missed attendees who need to join a meeting using the Intel Unite solution. Additional integration with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook will assist in providing greater enhancement and usability with scheduled meetings.
  • Meeting lock — Allows a meeting using the Intel Unite solution to be “locked” preventing additional attendees from joining a given session. Presenters receive that additional confidence that sensitive content is not being displayed or viewed by unknown participants
  • Intel Unite plug-in for protected guest access — Our guest access plugin is improved. The plugin has been put through stringent security testing and has been extended to rooms with the Intel Unite solution where guests may have a need to present wirelessly without being able to access the corporate network.
  • Hardware-enhanced security powered by Intel vPro technology ensures that all data is 256-bit Secure Socket Layers (SSL) encrypted.
  • Apple iPad app — The Intel Unite app is now available for the Apple iPad and can now be downloaded from the Apple App Store. This app will allow iPad users to connect to a meeting using the Intel Unite solution and view content being presented and annotated.

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