Slam Dunk! Jenne and Boom Collaboration Celebrate Winning Two-Year Partnership

Boom Co founder Holli Hulett (with beach ball) joins in the fun with Jenne staff

Austin, TX, (May 23rd, 2023) Distributor Jenne, Inc. and fast-growing video conferencing manufacturer Boom Collaboration toasted two years of success with beach and basketball-themed slam dunk parties!

The two companies celebrated with staff at Jenne’s Avon, Ohio HQ and highlighted how the world of work continues to evolve, with more emphasis on a gradual return to the office.

These latest trends are triggering growing demand for full-room systems following an explosion in sales for personal devices, where Boom – spearheaded by founders Fredrik Hörnkvist and Holli Hulett – has witnessed a 40% rise in global orders over the last 12 months.

“It’s been a very eventful two years since we started working with Boom Collaboration. The world is a very different place,” noted Erik Fenberg, Jenne Director of Marketing.

“To mark the two-year anniversary we hosted special parties at our headquarters which were also combined with Floor Days. Boom added extra fun as the entire first event and training sessions were all related to a basketball tournament. This was followed a few weeks later by a beach-themed initiative to emphasize how people can work from anywhere using Boom equipment.

“All Jenne employees were encouraged to join in the fun by wearing their favorite college team’s jersey for example. And employees had the chance to win great Boom prizes by competing in competitions such as a free-throw basketball contest. The support was outstanding, and this excitement will springboard the Boom brand at Jenne throughout the rest of the year. Boom is definitely booming here!”


Turning to wider market trends Fenberg highlighted how a shift back to the office is gaining momentum for many organizations.

“We are starting to see more companies issuing return-to-work policies, even if just for a few days a week. Some have been doing it for quite a while and others are just starting to return now. We don’t know if we’ll ever see a complete return to office policy but multiple days a week is a reality for most. It just depends on industries, companies, safety, etc. and how they handle everything.”

He emphasized: “The world has changed dramatically since March 2020. One positive change we’ve learned is how companies that were never or even thought of being remote before quickly switched and we’re very successful and maintained a high level of workforce productivity.”

In March this year, Jenne issued a return-to-office policy for all Avon HQ employees on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. “It’s important to get employees back together in the office as it enhances collaboration, enthusiasm, productivity, and drives the Jenne culture,” Fenberg stated.

“Though as humans, we adapt to our environment and situations, and are very successful at it, but there are just some things that can’t be done as well, or to the level, they can in person. And since going remote for so long, you don’t realize just how important and needed in-person interaction is.”

Incredibly high

Fenberg continued: “The ever-changing workplace of the last three years has led to many necessary innovations as the marketplace has adapted to meet demands. From the initially incredibly high demand for personal video solutions, to more flexible hybrid type solutions, and now more room type solutions. With the help of our vendors like Boom Collaboration, Jenne has been able to fulfill these demands and remain ahead of the curve.

“With increased companies transitioning back to the office or a hybrid work solution, we have seen more of a focus on full-room video solutions over personal VC devices. The focus remains especially high on small-to-medium size room solutions and all-in-one-type video collaboration bars.

“Equally we have seen great improvements regarding the overall supply chain, especially in the last six months. As a distributor, Jenne has invested heavily into ensuring we have Boom Collaboration products on hand when our resellers need it.”

Long term partner

His positive comments were echoed by Hörnkvist at Boom who remarked: “The last two years have flown by and our partnership with Jenne goes from strength to strength. We are definitely seeing a rise in demand for full-room systems incorporating our high-powered 4K Boom MAGNA camera for example. But sales of portable all-in-one solutions such as the Boom UNO remains very high.”

Fenberg concluded: “The relationship with Boom is progressing nicely. It is great to see the brand establish itself and to watch it grow. And the exciting thing for us is to be there alongside them as a great partner to help drive their success. When Boom wins, Jenne wins. Our customers win too! We are looking forward and we’re committed to be a long-term partner for them and their incredible products. Our ultimate goal as we leverage our two strong brands is to be seen as the leading distributor of Boom Collaboration products in the US market.”