Sixeye to Bring Latest Software Rollout to ISE 2020

Six EyeSixEye will be at ISE 2020 with its latest software rollout that includes a new task scheduling feature. SixEye debuted its unified remote management platform in 2019, and it has since been deployed on projects all around the world — in the U.K., Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, Mexico, Canada and the U.S. In London, SixEye was used by Architainment Lighting on the Oxo Tower, allowing both Architainment — the integrator — and the building management company to manage the lighting of the building remotely.

SixEye provides a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, enabling remote management of professional control devices. SixEye combines the management and control of products from multiple manufacturers into one portal, easily accessible in a web browser on desktop and mobile. The portal carries the integrator’s branding at their own domain, allows them to invite end users into any project site in the portal and grants them bespoke access with SixEye’s granular permissions. Device management includes firmware and file upload, triggering, real-time status, logs and more with encrypted network security without any additional hardware or IT expertise.

SixEye helps manufacturers bring their devices online securely by providing an easy to integrate software development kit. Manufacturers currently live on the platform include Pathway Connectivity and Pharos Architectural Controls.

SixEye’s Control Panel is designed so that integrators can provide their clients with a fully customizable branded button panel, accessible on any device with an Internet connection, from anywhere. The integrator controls access to this custom Control Panel and its functionality through SixEye’s permissions and tasks.

Tasks can perform multiple actions on any of the devices in a project. The SixEye platform knows the unique capabilities of every connected device, so users are automatically provided bespoke configuration options for each action. Any task can be assigned to a button on the Control Panel, with integrators able to ensure that an installation performs only the actions they approve. It’s quick and intuitive to get all devices in an installation to perform harmoniously together.

The latest software update introduces the ability to schedule tasks to run automatically. This feature is already being used in preview by installations in the U.S. to schedule lighting effects on bridges and building façades. Schedules are highly flexible and allow recurrences and time masking, with astronomical scheduling due for release in the first quarter of 2020. Multiple schedules can be added to a task and it is straightforward to set custom permission settings for who can edit schedules.

Visit stand 9-E125 at ISE for a demo.

Here’s a video we shot of the latest software rollout at ISE 2019: