Setting a New Standard for Large Venue, High-end Installations

Setting a New Standard 1 1By Maria Repole



Delivering innovative displays that visually tell a story can take audience engagement to new levels, captivating and immersing crowds in new ways never done before. Creating out-of-the-box and memorable experiences may come with unique installation challenges. However, sourcing a projector for the brilliant, reliable and true-to-life imagery needed to bring these experiences to life should never be one of them.

Designed for large venue and high-end installations across the entertainment, exhibition and digital signage markets, the Optoma Ultra Bright series projectors establish an incredibly high brightness benchmark to the category at up to 22,000 lumens. The projectors also offer WUXGA resolution, 4K HDR compatibility and extreme flexibility with eight interchangeable lenses to meet the needs of complex installations.

As the No. 1 DLP projection brand worldwide, Optoma has been helping deliver immersive and memorable viewing experiences for years. Whether you’re looking to transform a domed auditorium into a galaxy far away or bring to life unique digital art experiences in galleries or museums, the new Ultra Bright series projectors elevate the experience by offering even more solutions for high-end, complex installations so companies and organizations can continue to surprise and delight audiences in new ways.