SDVoE Alliance to Demo the SDVoE Ecosystem at ISE 2024


The SDVoE Alliance announced three interactive demonstrations to highlight the eco-friendliness, performance and future-ready visual formats of the SDVoE ecosystem. The informative, engaging demonstrations will take place in the SDVoE Alliance’s stand, 5B100, at ISE 2024 from Jan. 30–Feb. 2, 2024, at the Fira Barcelona, Gran Via.

“At ISE 2024, the SDVoE Alliance will share three hands-on demonstrations to showcase the sustainability, performance and flexibility of SDVoE technology,” said Stephane Tremblay, president of the SDVoE Alliance. “We are focused on creating a sustainable, available and flexible solution for AV-over-IP technologies. As a result, we will emphasize our mission with three all-new engaging demonstrations to showcase the power of the SDVoE ecosystem. We invite attendees to visit our booth to learn more about the capabilities of SDVoE and its full-stack solution.”

Sustainability Shootout

The Sustainability Shootout will leverage power meters to showcase the lower power consumption of an SDVoE endpoint. The SDVoE endpoint will be compared side-by-side with two other 1G AV-over-IP technologies. Additionally, the demonstration will unpack the decoded video output of all three solutions on individual displays, allowing observers to see the image quality of the SDVoE Pixel Packing CODEC compared to the highly compressed 1G solutions. The demo, which will be controlled via a Crestron touchscreen controller, will allow users to select various source and display configurations, including Multiview, uniquely supported by SDVoE. SDVoE Alliance says Multiview configuration will highlight the “power and flexibility” of SDVoE. At the same time, the displays connected to the two competitors’ endpoints are rendered useless since they do not natively support multiview functionality.

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Powerful and Flexible KVM

The SDVoE Alliance’s KVM demonstration will implement the BlueRiver KVM Software Development Kit to enable mouse roaming across multiple PC desktops. The demonstration will occur on a single display, dynamically switching mouse and keyboard control from one PC to another as the mouse roams across the Quad Split multiview layout. The USB mouse and keyboard control can be locked to the currently controlled PC using a hotkey to stop the mouse from roaming. An additional hotkey can allow the presently controlled PC desktop to switch to full screen. Additionally, a PC is dedicated to stream bitmaps on the SDVoE network, which can be subscribed to by the SDVoE Receiver endpoint. This functionality is provided by Semtech’s BlueRiver PC Streamer, which will be introduced at ISE 2024, which enables custom graphics to be displayed alongside video content in the Multiview layout.

Stunning 5K, Available Now

The SDVoE Alliance says it will unveil “robust and reliable” point-to-point HDMI extension of a 5K60 image format, utilizing small form factor, low cost and low power SDVoE endpoints between a PC, featuring a Nvidia graphics card, and an ultrawide 5K monitor. Known as an emerging format that allows for high-resolution ultrawide desktops on a single display, SDVoE Alliance says 5K is becoming popular in video conferencing applications where a single ultrawide display is used in place of two displays mounted side-by-side, providing a single continuous desktop that can display the presentation material, while displaying the camera feeds of remote meeting participants around the edges (using Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other third-party platforms), in high resolution.