Schoeps Intros Best Looking Mic We’ve Ever Seen With V4 Design

reddingaudio-0114The Schoeps V4 U, a studio vocal microphone, is modeled after the classic appearance of the SCHOEPS CM 51/3 microphone from 1951. Schoeps says the fundamental idea was clear that only a small-diaphragm capsule could meet the requirements for the technical response curves and transparency of sound that they wanted for this vocal mic. But the diffuse-field characteristics seemed to call for a large-diaphragm capsule, in which the pressure build-up due to the large membrane surface would cause the inevitable and desired narrowing of pickup pattern at high frequencies to begin sooner.

In the end, both of these conflicting requirements were able to be achieved through the use of a beveled ring around the membrane, thus increasing its diameter (as far as certain acoustic phenomena are concerned) to about 33 millimeters. Schoeps says this 33-millimeter beveled collar causes the capsule’s directivity to increase steadily and smoothly at high frequencies, as in a large-diaphragm microphone. Meanwhile, the superior acoustic qualities of a small-diaphragm capsule are maintained. The capsule is elastically suspended internally to reduce handling noise and other solid-borne sound. The head can be angled +/- 20°.

Specs include:

  • Maximum sound pressure level of 145 dB SPL
  • Maximum output level = 5 V
  • Output stage: Transformer-less and without capacitors
  • Symmetrical, balanced output
  • Low, frequency independent output impedance
  • Requires +48V phantom power via XLR-3

Here are all the specs.