Scalable Display Technologies Will Show New Advancements in Simulation Tech at I/ITSEC 2023

scalable display technologies

Scalable Display Technologies will debut new advancements in simulation technology, including Scalable Version 10 and Commander, next month. Scalable will debut Commander, a new enhancement to Scalable Version 10, to simplify and streamline front-end display maintenance for military and simulation environments. Scalable’s Commander is an “intuitive front-end interface that provides insights into system state, operational status, calibration and other essential functions without having to access Scalable Display Manager, the flagship product used in simulation and attractions with limitless possibilities for large-format display.” It enables users to easily control projectors, optical baffles and other system mechanisms without prior experience or technical knowledge with Scalable Display Manager. Uniquely, Commander is designed to integrate with existing control systems to allow real-time adjustments to the visual scene, such as switching between daytime or nighttime and changing eyepoint locations, without stopping the image generator.

Scalable will showcase Version 10, seamlessly displayed on an immersive CarbonBlack screen, illuminated by an astounding 150k lumens and powered by Aechelon’s latest pC-NOVA Nucleus IG. Scalable will host an interactive demonstration of Scalable Display Manager’s Version 10 and Commander, paired with two Norxe P50 projectors, a Kongsberg K-Sim IG and Electric Picture’s Mallard.