CREATE THIS Partners With Scalable to Improve Display Quality

May 26, 2023

Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, CREATE TH!S is an end-to-end extended reality (XR) stage and production studio creating original content and live experience. Established by Irfan Nathoo, David Cannava and Simon Thirlaway as a collaborative creative studio and projection-based XR stage in 2020, the studio’s virtual production capabilities combine augmented and real-time in-camera […]

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Scalable Display Technologies Hires Jim Laschinger

May 18, 2023

Scalable Display Technologies announced it’s hired Jim Laschinger as senior executive, business development and client success. In this role, Laschinger will be instrumental in helping expand into new markets, particularly in the field of live events, attractions and immersive experiences. Laschinger joins Scalable in the newly created senior executive, business development and client success position. […]

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Scalable Display Technologies Accelerates Calibration for Mexican Navy’s Maritime Simulators

May 8, 2023

As one of Mexico’s two independent armed forces, the Mexican Navy consists of about 68,200 personnel, 180 ships and 130 aircrafts. Given Mexico’s large area of water and extensive coastline, the Mexican Navy’s duties are very important. Its missions include the war on drugs, protecting oil wells and helping people in hurricane relief operations and […]

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Rockbrook Audio Visual Installs Immersive Experience at Céide Fields Visitor Centre

April 19, 2023

The remarkable Neolithic site at Céide Fields in County Mayo, Ireland, is home to the oldest known stone-walled fields in the world. Dating back almost 6,000 years, they are covered by a natural blanket bog with its own unique vegetation and wildlife. Beneath the wild boglands, the Céide Fields boast a system of fields, dwelling […]

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Dimensional Innovations Uses Scalable Display Technologies for Immersive Theater

March 13, 2023

Founded in 1993, Dimensional Innovations is an experience design, build and technology firm providing clients with remarkable, human-centered experiences. Headquartered in Kansas City, with offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Denver and Chicago, Dimensional Innovations unites a team of interior designers, graphic designers, engineers, architects, welders, painters, UX specialists and creative technologists. Their team has […]

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Scalable Display Technologies Outfits CANA Craft Cannabis With Short-Throw Projector Solution

February 23, 2023

In 2018, Massachusetts voted to legalize the recreational and medical use of cannabis. Today, the state’s cannabis industry is bigger than ever, with cumulative recreational sales soaring toward $4 billion. The legal cannabis industry in Massachusetts includes over 400 recreational and 90 medical licensees, employing more than 30,000 registered agents across the state. Headquartered in […]

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Scalable Display Technologies Provides Display for Kent State University Immersive Technology Space

February 10, 2023

Kent State University, one of Ohio’s leading public universities, is home to over 25,000 students and offers over 300 degree programs, including notable programs such as nursing, business, history, library science, aeronautics, journalism, architecture, and fashion design. Established in 1910, Kent State is the highest-ranking public university in Northern Ohio on the Top Public Schools […]

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Scalable Display Technologies Announces New Software Update — Version 9.0

November 22, 2022

Scalable Display Technologies announces a new software update, version 9.0, with new third-party integrations and improved features and functionality. Scalable will showcase version 9.0 at I/ITSEC 2022 in Orlando, Florida, from Nov. 28-Dec. 2, 2022. Scalable’s 9.0 software update is available with new features for Scalable Desktop, a “simplified blending solution for scaling Windows across […]

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Scalable Display Technologies Illustrates American History at Faith and Liberty Discovery Center

October 20, 2022

Faith and Liberty Discovery Center is an immersive and digitally-driven museum that explores the relationship between faith and liberty throughout the country’s history by illuminating the influence of the Bible at key historical and personal moments. The $60 million, 40,000-square-foot museum, owned by the American Bible Society, is the latest development in a decades-long transformation of […]

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Scalable Display Technologies Announces Technical Collaboration with Norxe

July 13, 2022

Cambridge, Mass. July 11, 2022 — Scalable Display Technologies, an industry-leading application provider that automatically calibrates the color, intensity and geometry of images from multiple projectors, announces a technical collaboration with Norxe, a custom designer and manufacturer of unique projectors for demanding applications. The technical collaboration incorporates Scalable’s automatic calibration software to provide seamless display […]

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Scalable Display Technologies Enters Technical Collaboration With Norxe

July 11, 2022

Scalable Display Technologies announced a technical collaboration with Norxe, a custom designer and manufacturer of projectors. The technical collaboration incorporates Scalable’s automatic calibration software to provide display correction on Norxe projectors for full application independence. Scalable supports direct integration with Norxe native 4K projector series for on-board projection warp and blend functionality. Scalable’s automatic calibration […]

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Holosphere and Scalable Display Technologies Create CAVE Immersive Experiences

June 22, 2022

Based in Birmingham, United Kingdom, Holosphere creates world-class, immersive virtual reality solutions for commercial applications. Holosphere provides innovative solutions for the full lifecycle of virtual reality solutions – from idea conceptualization to the delivery and debut. In 2016, Holosphere’s founder, Rob Halliday-Stein, set out to utilize the power of virtual reality to make meaningful improvements to the […]

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Scalable Display Technologies Will Show Its Seamless Digital Display at InfoComm 2022

May 31, 2022

Scalable Display Technologies will showcase software that automatically calibrates multiple projectors, resulting in a single, seamless digital display at InfoComm 2022. During InfoComm 2022, Scalable will feature its fully automatic projector alignment software. Scalable will demonstrate how “any surface can be aligned with practically zero user intervention to create a truly automatic solution.” The company says […]

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Scalable Display Technologies Enters Teaming Agreement With Q4 Services

April 27, 2022

Scalable Display Technologies announced a teaming agreement with Q4 Services, an independent manufacturer and provider of innovative visual display systems for the global flight simulation and training industry. Scalable has worked closely with Q4 Services to develop a new collimated screens panel to calibrate even the most demanding displays. Traditional mirror-based collimated displays present several […]

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Mechdyne Corporation and Scalable Display Technologies Combine Solutions to Create Immersive Environments in Multiple Projects

April 4, 2022

Mechdyne Corporation originated as specialists helping solve the world’s most complex research and development challenges with advanced virtual reality solutions. Mechdyne Corporation was founded in 1996 by Iowa State University (ISU) graduates, Dr. Chris Clover, Jim Gruening and Kurt Hoffmeister after honing their skills at ISU’s Virtual Reality Applications Center. Today, Mechdyne has provided hundreds […]

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Drexel University Westphal College of Media Arts and Design Collaborates With Scalable Display Technologies for Virtual Reality and Immersive Media Programs

February 9, 2022

Drexel University Westphal College of Media Arts and Design launched one of the first accredited virtual reality and immersive media programs. In 2018, Drexel University’s Animation, Capture and Effects Lab, known as the ACE-Lab, introduced immersive media, including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and other interactive experiences. Today, Drexel’s virtual reality and immersive media programs […]

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Scalable Display Technologies Releases Software Version 8.0 With New Integration and Calibration Features

October 12, 2021

Scalable Display Technologies announced a new software update, version 8.0, with new integration and features to simplify edge-blending and projection mapping. Scalable will showcase 8.0 at InfoComm 2021 in Orlando, Florida, on Oct. 27-29, 2021. Scalable’s latest software update is available with new features for Scalable Desktop, a simple blending solution for scaling with Windows; Scalable Panel […]

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Scalable Display Technologies Announces Scalable Atlas Automatic Projector-Mapping Software

September 28, 2021

Scalable Display Technologies announces Scalable Atlas, an automatic camera-based projector mapping software designed to align the images of multiple projects on complex objects or surfaces. Atlas is an evolution of Scalable’s standard software applications intended for domes and curves. Atlas claims to eliminate manual calibration and creates an automated solution for projection mapping and edge-blending on complex […]

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AV Innovative Design Supports New Discovery Channel Headquarters With Technology Integration

July 13, 2021

Discovery, often known as the Discovery Channel, is a global media company and leader in real-life entertainment. Through its flagship channel and various internationally owned or licensed channels, Discovery is widely distributed in over 400 million households worldwide. The network delivers over 8,000 hours of original programming each year to 220 countries and territories. Discovery recently […]

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Electric Picture and Scalable Display Technologies Partner for Watercraft Operator Simulation Training

June 23, 2021

Electric Picture Display Systems provides simulation training technology for watercraft operators and engineers, marine deck and engineering officers, cargo handlers and operations crew members. With the latest simulation technology, it’s no longer necessary to launch vessels from the dock to provide hands-on watercraft training for mariners. Maritime simulation offers the ability to place mariners at […]

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BIM CUBE Uses Scalable Display Technologies for Distanced Collaboration During Pandemic

May 27, 2021

Technological capabilities are ever-increasing in the architectural, engineering and construction industry. Collaborative Ultimate Building Environment (CUBE) is known for pioneering a mobile stand-alone room that creates an immersive experience of the built environment before construction commences. In 2018, CUBE created the BIM CUBE (or Building Information Modeling CUBE) so users could seamlessly collaborate between the […]

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Motek Medical Develops Rehabilitation Equipment Using VR and Scalable Software

May 12, 2021

Motek Medical, a division of DIH, develops rehabilitation equipment that patients experience in a virtual reality environment. Based in The Netherlands, Motek Medical works closely with clinicians and therapists to create innovative devices — like the Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN) system, designed to enhance clinical and research setups. CAREN is a customer-assisted research environment […]

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Hoylu AB Acquires the Huddlewall Business from Scalable Display Technologies

April 27, 2017

Little-known Hoylu (a public Swedish company) has announced the acquisition of Huddlewall from its partner Scalable Display Technologies, Inc. Included in the transaction is a sales team of four team-members in Boston, U.S., as well as customer base, intellectual property and trademarks, current book of business and prospects. The total purchase price is estimated to USD $800,000. The sellers will receive […]

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What’s To See At InfoComm 2016? Part 2: Some of the (Many) Exhibitors at the Show

June 5, 2016

Yes, over 1000 exhibitors for the first time at any InfoComm show. Where to begin? Here are some suggestions: Oblong (N2337) will unveil new capabilities of Mezzanine, the immersive visual collaboration solution for globally connected enterprises that is changing the way teams work at companies including IBM, Accenture, Fujitsu and Dentsu Aegis Network. Dubbed Mezz-In, this […]

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Scalable Display Technologies Introduces Huddlewall – Aimed at Nureva SPAN

June 3, 2016

Scalable Display Technologies has joined forces with Anoto to build the Huddlewall collaboration system with an integrated Anoto Microdot Pattern, enabling the concurrent use of up to seven pens on a single Huddlewall. Huddlewall collaboration systems feature an interactive surface powered by Anoto’s digital pen technology to enable a natural pen-on-screen collaboration experience. Windows desktop […]

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