Savant Systems Expands Savant Power System

savant power system 1

Savant Systems is expanding its Savant Power System to include additional power modules, power hubs and power monitoring tools. The new hardware is designed to expand installation flexibility as well as system and price scalability.

The Savant Power Systems can be designed to control and monitor a few main use circuits or to manage all loads/circuits across the entire home. The company says the heart of this scalability is the Savant Power Module.

Savant Power Modules are installed in standard electrical panels, “eliminating the need for an expensive proprietary load center.” The modules are now available for installation in Eaton CH and Schneider Square D QO panels. (Compatibility with Eaton BR, Schneider Homeline, Siemens and ABB GE Powermark Gold coming late 2022.) Savant has a range of modules available, designed to manage and monitor any circuit up to 60A 240V. Savant offers 20A, 30A and 60A power modules, with both pigtail and plug-on neutral versions available.

Each Savant Power Module is designed to report revenue-grade energy consumption (+/- .5%), allowing homeowners to monitor real-time and historical usage right down to the load/circuit level. In addition to monitoring power consumption across the home, a complete Savant Power System measures total incoming power to the home — with visibility by source including solar, grid, battery and generator power.

Savant offers multiple energy tracking solutions, including a family of powerful, stand-alone energy monitoring devices capable of monitoring up to 15 circuits, options include communication via Ethernet, available now, or Wi-Fi, available late 2022.

In addition to these 15 circuit monitoring tools, Savant is introducing the Savant Power Track Module designed to monitor a single two-pole circuit. The Power Track Module is installed inside a standard electrical panel and is sized to consume just two panel slots. The module allows for on-device or mobile app onboarding and configuration, communicating to the rest of the system via Bluetooth. Power Track modules can be stacked to monitor multiple sources, and at launch will be compatible with all industry-leading panels. The target MSRP is $120 plus current sensors.

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Each Savant Power System requires a control and communications hub called a Savant Power Director that acts as a communication bridge for the modules. Savant offers multiple Power Director options for entry-level, main use circuit control scaling all the way to whole home with control of 500+ lighting and energy loads.

The Savant Power Director family, available early 2023, includes:

  • Director Lite – designed to manage 20 power modules, up to 40 total circuits, with a target MSRP of $500.
  • Director – designed to manage 40 power modules, up to 80 total circuits, target MSRP of $1,000.