Savant Expands Product Availability to Authorized Savant Integrators in All US and Canada AVAD & WAVE Locations

HYANNIS, MASS. September 10th, 2019 — Savant, a leader in smart home technology, has expanded product availability to Savant authorized integrators through all of the 25 US and Canada WAVE and AVAD locations. Savant integrators will appreciate the convenience of immediate regional access to many new and exciting products along with support services from the WAVE and AVAD teams nationwide.

WAVE and AVAD locations will now stock the latest product solutions from Savant, including DMX Light Strips, Breaker-Companion Modules, Smart Audio products including the amazing Smart Audio Soundbar with embed host, IP Audio and Video solutions, Micro Aperture Speakers and much more. Additionally, Savant’s VoIP 10G solution, the most advanced VoiP solution on the market, is now available to all Savant customers through all WAVE and AVAD locations. WAVE will also be showcasing Savant products at CEDIA, Booth 3730, and registering dealers at the booth, enabling them to purchase Savant products through WAVE and AVAD.  Savant authorized integrators are able to utilize Savant’s iPad-based Studio and Central Management software solutions.

“WAVE and AVAD are committed to providing Savant’s customers with the highest levels of customer service and in-stock product selection across the US and Canada,” explained Bryan Stewart, VP of Sales WAVE and AVAD. “Our goal is to support Savant’s network of integrators and enhance their businesses through logistical and technical support as well as regional product availability.”

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