HYANNIS, MASS. —October 18th, 2018 — Savant, a leader in smart home technology, has expanded their designer window shade offerings to include additional bracket styles along with new low voltage power modules and enclosures designed to enhance both pricing and wiring efficiencies. Also added to the product line are hidden pocket mounting solutions, enabling integrators to offer a nearly invisible negative reveal. In addition, specialty custom options are available to ensure integrators have a full range of solutions to meet the needs of every client.

Specialty Brackets
Designed by JGeiger, Savant’s new specialty brackets provide integrators with the critical versatility they must have to address an array of architectural details, such as window walls that meet at the corner and require a tight 90-degree angle. These fully configurable brackets can be mounted forward or reverse-roll to best suit each application. New brackets have also been designed to accommodate large windows with multiple fabric panels using multiple motors, minimizing the space required between each panel.

Modularized Low-Voltage Power Solution
Savant’s unique low-voltage power architecture enables integrators to neatly and efficiently organize up to three 5-channel power modules inside a dedicated low-voltage enclosure. This modular power architecture allows integrators to specify only the shade power needed for each installation, reducing the number of vacant channels that needlessly increase overall cost. Linking multiple modules to a single controller is easy and intuitive. Coming later this year, Savant will be unveiling a line of low-voltage keypads powered by modules designed to reside within the same enclosure.

Hidden Pocket Mounting
Savant now offers J Geiger Hidden Pocket Mounting Kits, designed to achieve a highly desirable, barely visible negative reveal. Kits are available with 4-inch or 6-inch reveal covers and are cuttable and linkable to any length.

Custom Options
Through a partnership with the shading experts at J Geiger, Savant can now provide integrators with highly customized solutions for unique projects. New custom options include blackout side channels, bottom-up roller shades and large single shades up to fourteen feet wide.

“Our mission with Savant Shades has been to deliver a premium product line that enables any integrator to solve unique installation challenges while meeting the most stringent demands of designers,” said Savant Executive Vice President J.C. Murphy. “The complete Savant Shades solution, combined with our release this month of Pro LED Strips and elegant fixtures from USAI Lighting create the most compelling opportunity for integrators and further separate Savant from every other smart home solutions provider.”

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